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Do you love to build, cook, garden and/or do you have other skills? Help our cultural association in Burghaslach, Germany! We are a registered non-profit organization based in Burghaslach (in the state of Bavaria, approximately in the southeast of Germany). This is in a quiet environment in the Steigerwald, a place of relaxation. We love nature, sustainability and have a holistic point of view. We are just about to create a community to evolve creativity and potential. We create space for encounters. With workshops, yoga, meditation, silence, horses and much more. We love to meet people from all over the world, to connect and to help, play and laugh together for as long as you like to join our project. The last seminar center (theater) is about to open. We are at the last stretch to finish the last seminar house and we need every help we can get. Proactive craftsman and creative people who can help us out are welcome! Do you recognize yourself in any of the following: 1- Are you a craftsman: for example in terms of interior tasks, tiles, bathroom tasks, drywalls, laying floors, electricity and insulation of pipes? Do you want to help build a theater or tiny houses? Then you are very welcome! We are now mainly looking for craftsman who can build well. There is a lot of renovation work to do. 2- Do you love horses? There are four (therapy) horses on our property. If you love horses you are welcome to take care of them. There is also an option to give therapy via horses, or to teach via horses, for example to other people who help us. Our horses are not for riding. 3- Do you like gardening/garden design? We have, among other things, a vegetable garden that must be taken care of and someone who like to water flowers. 4- Do you like to cook vegan and vegetarian, can you take allergies / intolerances such as gluten into account? Do you like to make vegan ice cream? Are you possibly a chef? You are very welcome to cook in our gastronomy kitchen for other people who help us. 5- Are you an expert in online marketing? We are looking for someone who can help to create a social media calendar (for Instagram and Facebook) and its content. We want this content to be as timeless and evergreen as possible. Furthermore, we want to renew our WordPress website and provide it with a new look (new theme), texts and pictures / videos. Are you the expert we are looking for, who can help with this? --> It is always part of the deal that you also clean our beautiful guest rooms and your own room. If you have other special skills you are also welcome. There is something for everyone and we would love, that you decide what suits you best. • Are you creative, for example in art? Do you love to paint? • Are you specialized in in crafts? • Do you like to make music, for example with singing bowls? Or do you love to sing mantra mantra (for example in a mantra circle with a drum and /or harmonium)? • Do you give seminars? • Do you like guest room design? You are very welcome to share this with the group, for example! We always need help and appreciate everyone who comes here to help us. We would like to have 5 hours help per day for 5 days a week, from Monday to Friday (so 25 hours a week). If you work extra you get paid the extra hours. We love to cook together and spend time with each other in the evenings. Nevertheless, you are free to decide how you would like to spend your time here. There is a lot of room for silence, walks in nature and time for yourself if you like that.

What we offer you: • You can wash your clothes. We ensure that there is detergent. • You get access to the Internet. • You can participate in yoga classes. Other people who help us and you are more than welcome to teach yoga. • You will get a room that you share, men and women sleep separately. If you come with a partner, we can arrange that you get a shared room. You keep the room and linen (such as bed linen, towels) clean yourself. • Drinks (such as water and tea). • Food: from Monday to Friday we eat in a group (of about 10 people). Normally 2 persons (participants who help us), cook for the rests of the group (the other people who help us). You cook for yourself on Saturday and Sunday. • We also offer trips to Würzburg and the surrounding area in your free time. Even if you don´t have a car, we´ll try to help you out with experiencing the surrounding sightseeing points. The seminar house has up to 50 beds and there is enough space for everyone. Single & double rooms and also one little dorm room with single beds, are available depending on capacity. There is a shared bathroom. We also have a very big shared kitchen with everything you need if you´re into cooking or baking. Furthermore, we have some lovely bright rooms for Yoga and Meditation or Art projects. The forests and fields around the house are perfect for hiking, riding, biking or to simply sit outside and read a book. At our place you can: • Meet people from all over the world, who speak English and/or German. -Learn all about building (and expand your knowledge about handy skills). Manfred is a Carpenter and can teach you everything he knows. He built this complex mostly all by himself, so he knows a lot about building houses from the ground up. • Get in touch with horses. • Learn more about gardening ((n the vegetable garden). • Learn about cooking for groups. • Attend classes and seminars such as yoga, meditation and handpan. Often, we have seminars/retreats happening here, with the possibility to learn Yoga, Meditation, Handpan, Ayurveda. If you like, you are gladly invited to participate and join us with offering courses, retreats or any other activities and presentations. • More! Appreciation in mutual cooperation and careful, open and transparent communication are important to us. Practical: in our community there is NO room for: • Alcohol • Drugs • To smoke (inside and outside) Minimum time to stay: In consultation, preferably 3 weeks. After this we can consult. COVID-19 measures: You are welcome if you are healthy. Do you recognize yourself in COVID-19 symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat? Consult a medical doctor. You are not welcome in case of symptoms. We offer mouth masks and the option to clean your hands. Transport: The house is beautifully rural. We prefer you have a valid drivers license in Germany (after consultation there is maybe a possibility you will drive a car or a 9-seater bus). We are located near the train station Markt Bibart, here trains leave from Würzburg or Nürnberg. After consultation we can pick you up from the nearest train station. Do you want to know more or do you think you can help us? Get in touch! You can reach us on the mobile number: 0049 1755646046. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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I was supposed to stay 4 weeks but I left after 2 weeks. That's because I applied for “horses and gardening”, but once there I found out the main tasks were about cleaning and preparing rooms for guests.
The work is not too hard but if you go there to learn about horses that’s not what it is about. Other tasks depend on what needs to be done.
Manfred, the host, was almost always nice and met all my specific needs in matter of food. The problem was communication, right from day one.
During your days off you can walk in the woods, and one day Manfred kindly drove me to the swimming pool.

13 dias atrás



La experiencia con mi anfitrión desde que le contacté fue excelente, siempre estuvo para responder a mis preguntas y entender mis situaciones. Lamentablemente por COVID no pude viajar y vivir esta experiencia. Pero para mi la experiencia se vive desde que te aceptan y confían en ti y además están en comunicación contigo. Espero poder ir pronto a esta experiencia. Porque estoy segura que el anfitrión es excelente.

1 mês atrás



Great place, here you can learn or improve your skills in building, traveling in cities, taste German delicious food and enjoy the mother nature. Respect!

1 mês atrás



I had a great time a Punkt XII. I improved my craft skills a lot. I recommend this place also to people who haven't much experience in handcraft, but are motivated to learn and improve their skills. On the other side you can care about the horses, help in the garden or household.
Manfred is an open minded and positive person. If you like you can be part of the daily yoga routine.

5 meses atrás



This a quiet calm place where are no busy infrastructure here you can walk in the nearest forest walk along the lawns and enjoy the nature.

6 meses atrás

Manfred respondeu

lieber IIIia ,danke für deinen Besuch . Du wars eine große hilfe fuer das Prokjekt .Jeder von uns kann sich weiter entwickeln und manchmal lernen wir später Dinge anders zu machen für die Zukunft .alles gut auf deinem Weg .Gott schütze Dich mein Freund .Manfred

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