Quilombo Ecofarm

Located 2-3h away from São Paulo, nearby the small city of Bofete, the place is an old farm which is starting to be restored in order to create a place for people to live and grow together.. In the farm we are surrounded by a beautiful mountain range with a deep forest and a cool rock river running on the side of it. We have two vegetable gardens, using concepts of agroforestry and agroecology. One of them is used for our own consumption and the other has a mandala-shape and is integrated in a system with a chicken coop and a fruit orchard having a commercial purpose. A rural shop on the farm's entrance was built and its focus is on selling natural and rural products, having also a cafe area. The mandala garden is by the shop so customers can pick fresh veggies and take it. Together with the shop we have built a room to host workshops, courses,cultural events, yoga/meditation classes. Also we hope in the near future to host groups of children for educational adventures :) The farm exists to work as a commune for human's healing/development and consciousness' awakening. We believe that that happens through the relationships, nature and life as it is.. Tools such as meditation, art, body practices, mindfulness and therapeutic approaches are to be used to accelerate and deepen this process... but after all the farm is essentially a place to live and Be.

I'm Bruno and for now I am living alone in my family's farm here. I have had the chance to be volunteer in different places in Asia before and now I am swapping positions and being the host. There are 2 empty rooms available in the house, with 4 beds each. According to the number of people in the house, accommodation will be shared or not. Food will be cooked together and shared by everyone. Lunch and dinner will be provided in the working days. Other meals no. We go every ~3 days to town for groceries shopping.

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My experience in the farm was too amazing, I learned a lot of things from de host and from the others volunteers that made this experiencie be unique. We had fun and had work. I really recommend the farm and I hope to be there again. Thanks for All. :)

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Minha experiência nessa comunidade, foi incrível. Foi um grande aprendizado através das tarefas e com o relacionamento com os demais. Um lugar belíssimo, cheio de paz e alegria, e muitas opções para o lazer.

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