Quinta das Moitas

Here you will find peace and quiet. At times there is activity that swirls through here, but most of the time it's just you, your work and nature. Once you have shown yourself to be adequately responsible then you will be assigned a task, offered some guidance and then you work out your own schedule with respects to what hours you wish to work during the day and you are left to work at your own rhythm. So you will have flexibility in terms of how you want to structure your day. The only requirement is that you are required to be diligent and responsible in your own right. Sometimes I may not be able to offer you food so and so you will have to manage your own food requirements. In those cases I just ask for a couple of hours a day. There is a hammock in summer, and resting spots where you can rest, read, do some bird watching, practice yoga, or just hang out with the chickens.

Millo is a friendly and easy going guy who is very well grounded and generally chilled out. Most of the time he has a smile for you. Fran is a very kind, friendly, smiling and happy creature who frolicks most of the day while taking care of her duties in between her moments of frolick. She also runs regular yoga classes and kids summer camps during summer. You will be treated with friendliness, courtesy and respect and when the time is right we have lots of interesting conversation to share regarding how the world is changing, however unfortunately we are usually quite busy people with many projects going on and don't have time or energy to entertain volunteers so there is a need for you to be self reliant in terms of how you entertain yourself.

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