Quinta do Pinheirinho

If you want to have the experience of implementing a new project ( one year now) in sustainable bio living, this is the right oportunity. We live 200 meters from a small town although being in the country. Easy acess to the beach, either surfing paradise Costa da Caparica , or quiet and beautiful Arrábida, or even the atlantic in all its splendor, in Troia. On the other hand, Lisbon is 30mn away by train or bus. True all in one.

We are an unconventional easy going familiy. Me, Henrique, the father, retired, 68, with a life full of experiences, from beeing one of the first surfers in Portugal, musician, clothing entrepreneur, swiss watch distributor, etc... Having COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), prevents me from more energetic exercice. Lucia, the mother, 45, wth 20 years experience as a journalist/advisor in environment, vegetarian (eggs and milk). Lucas and Gui, tipical11 and 9 year old healhty kids.

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