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Enhance YOUR earth connection Daily watering , planting , gathering of mother natures gifts in a permaculture biocollaboration 1000 m² medicinal edible and fermentable plant garden. Homeostasis refers to the body’s ability to regulate its environment and maintain internal balance. All diseases involve a disturbance of homeostasis, and nearly all diseases involve some degree of pain and inflammation. In fact, research over the last several decades suggests that many serious conditions like heart disease previously thought to have other causes are in fact primarily caused by chronic inflammation. If we understand that most diseases are characterized by pain, inflammation and disturbance of homeostasis, we begin to understand why acupuncture can be effective for so many conditions.

I hitchhiked alot in the Americas and Europe in the 1970's doing so I relied alot on free hospitality and scavenged food not knowing what the next stop would bring! Worlpackers Is a great way to meet people from all over our planet , there will allways be a fair part of unexpected experiences! We wish our center to focus on healthy living ,yoga ,holistic medecine etc... so we give preference to volunteers that are enthusiast of some form of holistic therapy We have the gene and bacteria symbiosis to connect with earth animals insects plants and all. the probiotic bacteria and yeast we breathe inhabit our body and communicate with our mind: Sugar craving, grain craving, meat craving,etc our baterial population evolved to communicate with our brain. Changing our bacterial with natural fermented probiotics like fermented milk, tofu,cabbage , kombucha etc... Daily watering , planting , gathering of mother natures gifts in a biocollaborating 1000 m² medicinal ,edible and fermentable plant garden. We also practice natural healing based on Chinese traditional medicine and our local Mediterranean plants ,fermentation and tinctures.


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Since we didn’t actually get to volunteer due to a bed bug issue, I’m only rating Jef as average just because I’m not sure what the experience would have been like. However, Jef and Lynn were extremely nice and let us stay in their home in Sevilla where we were staying anyways. I hope one day we will be able to actually volunteer at their place in Portugal!

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jef respondeu

After 15 days we are almost certain it was local mini mosquitoes that we have in Algarve and not bedbugs
These mosquitoes byte several times in the same area similarly to bedbugs and some spiders.
, in the Algarve there are basicly 3 type
Our center is in the country living it is safe as compared to most cities BUT we do hav insects of all sorts of insects,
we sprayed all the rooms with essential oils AND insecticite and found no trace of bedbugs eggs or droppings.
Sorry it happened just when you were going to arriv



La quinta de Jef Y Lyn es un lugar hermoso, lleno de naturaleza donde relajarte y poner los pies sobre la tierra, las manos tambien jaja.
fui bien recibida por las otras worldpackers, con las cuales desarrollamos buenas dinamicas, nos organizamos para llevar a cabo las tareas necesarias y cocinar en conjunto alimentos del mismo jardin :)
Jef nos visitó unos dias en que pudimos compartir gratos momentos de conversacion
falta un poco de organizacion y consistencia en el desarrollo de las actividades grupales, pero es una buena experiencia para aprovechar de recorrer el Algarve :) agradecida

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me gustó experimentar mi primer voluntariado en la quinta de Jef. el lugar es encantador y tiene mucho potenal.Actualmente están en proceso de mudanza y este cambio influye en la coordinación y estructuración de la gente que vive y organiza ahí, ya que Jef nos guía a distancia, pero las cosas suceden distinto en la estancia.

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I stayed two months more than planned because I had a great time. Some moments were more difficult, but in general, we had a lot of fun. We played music altogether since the first day I arrived. Jef can be very funny and friendly. He also can teach you a lot of things about the vegan diet, gardening, seeding, construction and even art techniques. Lin is very kind. During my time there, I finished a mosaic on pavement and a Fresco on a wall with the help of other volunteers👏. I met some locals and had fun with the other volunteers that I still miss. We had a great time! Miss u guys 💕

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Un lugar muy agradable dónde nos dejaron expresar nuestro arte y dejar un recuerdo, poniendo nuestro granito de arena a la decoración, las habitaciones son muy cómodas y hay instrumentos disponibles para tocar. La naturaleza en todo alrededor es muy linda también. Se come principalmente lo de la huerta y comida saludable

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jef respondeu

Estoy muy feliz que descrito tu estanciaen nuestra quinta. Estamos compayuna manera menos consumista de viver!

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