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Experience life on a beautiful and unspoilt Scottish island. The isle of Raasay is quiet, tranquil and surrounded by stunning scenery. You can enjoy wildlife, outdoor activities and being part of a friendly local community. We are currently looking for volunteers! We are located on a beautiful small island right next to the Isle of Skye! (25 min. ferry) What do we ask you? All we ask is 5 hours work a day (6 days a week). You will be helping as a housekeeper, KP or in the bar. (Experience preferred but not necessary) What do you get in return? 1st of September - 20th of April - Accommodation in one of our wooden pods (shared). Note : If you like The Hobbit you will LOVE our pods. Or shard bunk Room with in Raasay House 20th of April -1st of September Individual tents with carry mat, pillow & sleeping bags - Food (breakfast, lunch and cooked dinner) - You can join in on our activities! (If already running) If you would like to join our team for a while just send us an e-mail with some information about yourself and what experience you have :). See you soon!

We are a family run business with a core year-round staff of around 10. In the summer the team swells to around 35-40 staff. There is a great spirit of camaraderie and our staff generally do things like go walking, kayaking or cycling together in their time off. Joining in on activity sessions for free is one of the perks of working here.

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Ajudante de cozinha Ajuda na limpeza Cuidar & Arrumar Jardinagem

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- I was sleeping in the girls dormitory (pros: personal bathroom, cons: lack of privacy).
- Autumn no activities = no kayaking, no jumping cliff. We have access to bikes that are in poor condition (it takes 45 minutes to 1 hour and a half of cycling to get to the most beautiful hikes)
- No meal at lunchtime on Sunday, but you still have to work. Lunch = pasta that tastes sweet which is very strange, tuna, chickpea and nachos. Breakfast= bread, peanut butter and nutella (nothing else)
-Work = dishwasher, handyman or housekeeping (nothing else) (volunteer works harder than the staff)

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The work was very easy and the team was incredible! Everyone helped me and showed me around. The hours and the work are more than fair however it was a bit confusing in the beginning because the place is big and there was a lot of staff walking around. Other than that the island is lovely and Freyah was very helpful everytime I needed something from her. Look out for the summer time, we stay in tents and it is a cold weather in Scotland nevertheless if that is ok for you I know you are going to have a great experience! I deffenitely recommend it

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Nice place, stunning landscapes, great whiskies. Just wish we had three actual meals a day instead of the 5pm lunch/dinner and having to manage the rest with toast bread, peanut buuter and nachos...
I would recommend to stay three weeks, which is enough to visit the isle of Skye and Raasay (the things worth visiting) more than that, you get too used to the place and the work (which, by the way, is not very interesting (cleaning bathrooms) but not tiring/difficult either) and just end up spending your free time either walking the same paths or just drink 'till the next day...

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My experience in Raasay was just amazing. I got to know everyone from the staff and have at least one shared moment with each of them. The place is really nice, and the island is breathtakingly beautiful. There's always a thing to do. The work is definitely not much and with two free days it's even better. The food is fine and the pods are really comfy.
If it's your first time traveling, you should definitely go.

Otherwise, you should go too. Raasay seems to be an experienced for everybody.

11 meses atrás


Great experience, the staff was the best, I made a lot of friends and we enjoy a lot. My work was housekeeping, it wasn't too hard and the people working there was very kind. The Island is very beautiful and there are a lot of trips to do, but if you want to see Skye you have to plan it very well. Also, there are a lot of fun activities in which you can participate.

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