Rainbow Camp Retreat

** UPDATE 2/10/21: ATTENTION: DUE TO THE INCREASED DANGER OF THE NEWEST COVID STRAINS, WE HAVE CANCELLED ALL UPCOMING RETREATS AND WILL BE COMPLETELY CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE ** This is a very unique opportunity to be a part of a Sustainable School of Permaculture and Retreat, learning how to break away from the tight grip capitalism, become self-sustaining, learn to grow your own food, and take care of your spirit self by providing nurturing and enrichment to try a different way of living, which isn't binary to the regular conventional capitalist way of life. Learning in Real-Time, you'll be able to let go of the current programming of everyday life, and learn to help yourself and others be Sustainable and Self-Reliant.

Be prepared to experience something you may never experience again in your lifetime. Everything we do in our lives will be reflected into the people around us. Each of us share a part of each other in ourselves, and this is how we should all be treated. Common sense is a large part of how ethically we operate. Not by the motivation of monetary things. Love is the utmost important. You should be left feeling like you belong, and are a part of the Ohana!

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