Rainforest Retreat

Would you like FREE accommodation in a 4 bed room (NO BUNKS) with sky tv in your room set amongst lush rainforest. A FREE nightly staff meal & a couple of beers or wines in our super cool Monsoon bar & Restaurant. Use of the biggest spa pool in New Zealand Use of our scandinavian sauna & FREE Laundry. We are looking for happy positive people who can stay from at least 2 weeks helping our fantastic housekeeping team keep our resort sparkling. We work from 9am-2pm OR 5pm - 10pm with a 30 minute break leaving you plenty of free time to explore our magnificent glacier region. If you are an international traveler and would like to stay with us please send me an e-mail. Look forward to seeing you Oscar & rainforest crew :-)

We have staff from all over the world who love living in this peaceful area of the West coast. A lot of our volunteers have gone on to do paid work for us as they didn't want to leave and we all love making new friends from all walks of life. If you like to work hard and play hard whilst enjoy the best nature New Zealand has to offer then you'll fit right in!

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Great team! The work was fine! The place is nice with a beautiful view on the mountains. Thanks Oscar!

11 meses atrás


Disappointed that you learn nothing you just work as a housekeeper and you need to really hurry up. The accomadation was ok. For the drink in the bar it wasn't cool because you have a restricted choice and if you want a cocktail for example you have to pay for it.
The good point is that the location is truely amazing and if other people do that with you it is a good way to meet people.
I leave before the end because I needed to go back home for an emergency but I wasn't really sad to leave

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Estados Unidos

It was good, my roommates were amazing. Met some very interesting people, had some great laughs. There isn't an option for working 5-10 though, like their profile states. Only the 9:30-2 shift, you don't get a day off until your second week there. Which is insane, you don't really get time to "explore" much of anything.

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Being at the Rainforest Retreat was a very cool experience overall! You get to meet a lot of people from around the world and you also get awesome food! They let me use one of their rental bikes to go to the glaciar so that was pretty cool. It's only a 25 minute beautiful bike ride from the hostel. The staff treated me like family and made me feel welcome from the start.

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Work is ok, accomodation is ok too, but the area is great, the food is awesome, and the drinks are more than welcome! If you get nice housemates, it's going to be a great experience!

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