we share love and care, we improve the being of the orphans and the poor kids and nature them through this activities child care, teaching languages, sports, farming, house work, in communication and marketing , baby sitting, and other social works involved

to be treated well and will be part of our family, the fee that we charge per day is to help us to rise funds and support the children and other people we help, and we do have rooms for our volunteers, we do provide them free breakfast, lunch, and dinner with coffee.

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My experience here was great and I would recommend it to everyone who wants to go to Uganda. There were however some communication issues. I applied for the cooking position thinking most of the time I would be doing that. Yet you have to look at all the experiences Emma offers, because you will do every single one of them. It was great, but be aware of it so that you don't have false expectations. Apart from that it is best that you plan your free time, because Emma will be to busy to show you around. Apart from these little problems, I had a great time!

22 dias atrás

Emmanuel respondeu

Thank you so much elike for the help
I always show volunteers around in their free time, if one tells me his/her plans, i recommend places, and tour with
And being invited too



Podría haber sido una muy buena experiencia, pero al llegar solo tuve la oportunidad de ir 3 días a la escuela a enseñar a los niños luego tuvieron 2 semanas de vacaciones, que el host no me informo y de haberlo sabido podría haber cambiando mis fechas. Le pedí una solución pero simplemente no fue capaz de cumplir con el horario entregado por el.
Si me llevo en el corazón a los niños de la casa, hermosas personas que extrañaré mucho.

26 dias atrás

Emmanuel respondeu

We always need to be fixable, helping to organise childrens work, chat, home work, helping the teachers is also volunteering .the 2weeks were for that which you refused and you were not social with the children at home . Volunteering also involves to learn
And we always need volunteers with the love to do something, and self driven, very social, sharing and loving



I ABSOLUTELY LOVED MY 28 DAYS IN UGANDA WITH MY HOST EMMA. These 4 weeks have been the most wonderful weeks and I am already missing them. Right from my arrival to my last day, everything was nearly perfectly. I miss the school, the kids and Wabulenga. Thank you Emma! ♥️

1 mês atrás



I am so grateful for this experience and I recommend it to everyone😍

2 meses atrás



This was my first time as a volunteer and it was amazing! I recommended it to everyone. It is impossible to put into words everything I have experienced and felt during my month as a volunteer at Rebuild Hope Foundation.
Emma, lydia and the kids at home are incredible. They made me feel at home from the first day and now they are my family.
During my month there, i helped Emma with the social media of the foundation but I also went to school and work as a teacher. The kids, the teachers and the staff at school are amazing.
If you want to live the real african experience, this is for you

2 meses atrás

Emmanuel respondeu

Thank you teacher Lula we miss you alot alot

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