Rebuild Hope Children Foundation

We share love and care, we improve the being of the orphans and the poor kids and nurture them through activities such as: child care, teaching languages, sports, farming, house work, Marketing and Communications, baby sitting, as well as other social activities.

Our goal is that you are treated well and feel that you are a part of our family. The daily fee that we charge helps us to raise funds to support the school children and other people we help. Volunteers will stay in shared non-coed rooms and will have complimentary breakfast, lunch, and dinner with coffee or tea.

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Unforgettable experience! I’m extremely grateful to have been part of this amazing FAMILY… I was warmly welcomed by Emmanuel, the wife Lydia and everyone else in the house, it truly felt like home. I could be deeply immersed in everything they do to grow constantly. Everybody involved in the organization is very committed to make everything work smoothly for workers, children, teachers, volunteers. I had the chance to know and share with everyone (locals and volunteers) something more than a simple “experience”. I’m never going to forget you, thank you very much for opening your heart to me.

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Uganda has my heart. I felt welcomed from the moment I arrived, connecting with other travellers, who shared this wonderful experience with me. Lydia and Emma were wonderful hosts, and I loved spending time with the kids at home. I can truly say that I have a little Ugandan family now.

I would recommend asking when school holidays are before you book your time here, as I only got to teach for 2 weeks out of the 4 weeks I spent there.

There is also a lot of free time as school is only 9am-2pm, so plenty of time to spend time with volunteers exploring Jinja and going on fun adventures.

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Emanuel does a great job taking care of the volunteers and also for meeting the needs of the school. The location is beautiful and the kids and teachers are amazing!

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It was a truly amazing experience.
I was able to fully immerse myself into their culture, meeting lots of new people. Emma, Lydia and their family welcomed me with open arms and made me feel part of their family.

The school is filled with such happy children that get so excited to spend time with you. The volunteers help with a variety of activities from helping or teaching a class, marking books, creating resources for children, playing sports games and helping with renovations of the school.

Thank you for everyone who shared this experience with me.

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Immanuel & Lydia are truly wonderful people. The way they thrive to make a difference for their community is inspiring and Jinja is a wonderful city to explore!

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