Reggae Hostel

Hostel with a Reggae vibe in the center of Kingston. Connected and engaged with Kingston's reggae community and events. Owned and managed by locals the hostel helps travellers get the real feel for Jamaica in general and the fascinating city of Kingston.

We are a very friendly and open team. We love meeting new people and we leave people to do their duties as long as results are good. When you work with us you will become a part of the family and we will help you to settle in and enjoy the local life!


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ReggaeHostelOchi was my first volunteer experience and it was great. The staff made my stay so eventful. Sata, Shantel, Princess, and landlord(Paul) were so welcoming. I did tours, front desk, and social media. Work 4days, off 3days plus you can choose the days. 4hour tour in morning, front desk at night 2. Manager was flexible about hours. Social media was not initially agreed upon and was very demanding. I was expected to post every day, even on my days off and it started to seem like a full time job. Besides that, I loved my experience. Great central location. I highly recommend going here!


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Thanks for your review and recommendation Tiffany we are glad you enjoyed your stay. We must clarify however that you were not asked to post on social media everyday and definitely not on your days off. We actually tried to work around your preferences and we mutually agreed all duties. As you said before your hours were flexible. You never said a word about being uncomfortable doing a few social media posts. To learn about it in a review is rather disappointing as we operate in a very open atmosphere where you had every opportunity to air your concerns directly with us.

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I had a great time at Reggae Hostel. I worked at the bar 4 days per week and the work was quite easy. The staff are really friendly so it was a fun environment to work in and the location is good because you can easily take public transport to the other parts of Kingston and other parishes.


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I volunteered at reggae hostel and ended up extending my stay because I liked it so much! It was a great experience, and really came to feel like home. Super clean facilities, they're good at making people feel comfortable, the work was really fun and enjoyable. And the food they provide is fantastic. Great vibes all around. I'd highly recommend it 💛💚❤️


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