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Faenza is a very nice and quite city in the north-east of Italy. Very close to Bologna, Florence, Ravenna, Rimini, Venice. Great location to go for short trips around Italy. Our apartments are spread in 3 buildings all very close to each other, so you can just walk from one building to the other. Some guests stay for more than 1-2 weeks so it's not like an hostel or hotel: the amount of work required is pretty small. So, no need to get stressed. Very relaxed environment.

I'll be present only few days per week or just few weeks per months since I use to travel a lot for work or just pleasure. I leave alone with 3 cats. So, you'll be mostly on your own dealing with the guests. Some of the apartments are on airbnb so you may be asked to manage booking on airbnb platform.

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esperaba algo mejor ya que lo que dice en el anuncio era distinto a lo que él pretendía. las condiciones del departamento en el que me aloje tampoco eran buenas, no había agua, teníamos que ir a bañarnos a otro dpto y en ese momento tampoco disponía de cocina.

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Unfortunately we were not ready to host Florencia because of an hydraulic problem and delay in plumber interventions. Florencia, anway didn't respect the rules and brought with her another friend. She also left without notice. Very bad and unaccountable person. I din't wnat to write this, but I strongly suggest you not to host this person! She is also very lazy.

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