Riverside Guest House

I dont know either Meow !!

I'm Miu and I'm a street cat. I homed here for last few years meow. One day hunting them mice and snakes meow, saw a kid jumped in MY territory meow. He apologized Meow, but he claimed they want a home-hostel here MEOW !!

Travelers don't go to Iran either meow. He said they are hoping to help and meow travelers to Mazandaran meow. Also, he said something about NGO. I don't know what the meow is it, but they feed me!!

Meow them your questions or answers,

Hope to meow you,


We are a team of travelers and Its an ongoing process. However we decided to form an NGO in Tourism to exercise and share a sustainable travel. We are not completely digital nomads yet, but thats certainly not the goal either. Tara would be here sometimes if theres anything volunteers need for this project. However, its important to know THIS IS NOT A JOB. It requires self-management skills and is going to be a relaxed opportunity. We are hoping to be the bridge between travelers and locals. Volunteers stay at the main house which is a one room house with living room and bathroom. Currently it will be used only for volunteers. There is bed in a shared room, Groceries for your meals, Hot water, WiFi, Games ... and we can give you ride sometimes.

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