Robur op Den Eik (Robur at The Oak)

Preference for travelers who can stay at least TWO WEEKS, possibly with a three day break: when you see 3 days in a row unavailable in the Calendar, that means you can be at The Oak before and after those days, and have those 3 days off. You'll need to stay with friends or in a hostel while visiting cities like Antwerp, Ghent, Bruges or Brussels). If the system doesn't allow for you to apply beyond those 3 days, apply for an end date before those three days, and just let me know which end date you prefer. I will then pre-approve with the end date of your choice! PLEASE ONLY APPLY THROUGH THE PLATFORM + kind request to ONLY apply in English. Thanks! NEW from SEPTEMBER 2019 on: I will only accept volunteers THAT HAVE BEEN HERE BEFORE (so they already know how things go here), just write to me with your own proposal of dates! Since you've been here before, you can stay as short or as long as feels good to both of us. =============================== Come live and work in back-to-basics paradise for a while! This is a healing and inspiring place that is already serving by bringing people together in a most harmonizing way. People that have been here, go back home a more connected person. When you are volunteering at The Oak, you become part of a small-scale project with a great impact. ------------------------------------------ Staying for at least two weeks helps to get familiar with the place and the work that needs to be done. There is no max. duration for stays, as long as it feels good to all. If you stay long you may grow into a more responsible position. =============================== IMPORTANT NOTE ------------------------------------------ The Oak is a HEALING PLACE. That means, NO alcohol or other drugs allowed, as their energy is disrupting for this place. PLEASE be honest and respectful to the place, yourself and me and DO NOT APPLY when you cannot be without any alcohol or drugs during your stay! Give yourself the opportunity to have real fun and feel connected in a pure way. Smoking only in the Smokers' Space. =============================== YOUR PROFILE ------------------------------------------ PLEASE only apply when you recognize yourself in this description: --- you're responsible and empathic --- you're communicative and have a sufficient level of English --- you have a feeling for TAKING CARE of stuff: keeping things and the area TIDY an CLEAN. This is very important, so if that is naturally a must for you, The Oak is your place to be! :-) If, on the other hand, you're rather nonchalant and careless, then you'd better look for a place that doesn't need you to take care so much --- you are aware of living in a more ecological and mindful way, or want to start doing so: avoid (plastic) waste, stop wasting good food, water and electricity, be mindful of all life that is surrounding you, etc. --- you love working in the finishing phase of the building - which means you'll need to do a lot of challenging cleaning jobs (especially cleaning lime from the wood, a very daring job!) and wood protecting stuff --- you love cooking and/or helping to keep the kitchen clean ------------------------------------------ Anyone who fits this profile, who is a bit handy and wants to be part of manifesting this (already) healing project is very welcome! =============================== JOB DESCRIPTION ------------------------------------------ Always wanted: --– cooks for 3 - 8 people, responsible for the kitchen (VERY needed!!). You don’t have to be a very skilled cook, as long as you are okay with cooking creatively with very basic ingredients. Keeping the kitchen clean at all times is part of the job. THE KITCHEN IS THE HEART OF LIFE at this project, so don't think small of it. And enjoy the natural setting! --– (ecological) builders and people with carpenting skills. However, anyone who wants to be part of manifesting this (already) healing project and is a bit handy, is very welcome! --– volunteers for odd jobs, such as gathering fire wood for the central Fireplace, picking up trash that is on the site, cleaning the bathroom and the Lazy Lounge (very easy and quick, since it’s outside :-)), etc. --– help sawing and chopping wood for the woodstove in the winter period. --– long term or permanent volunteers (April-October), who help coordinate the work on the site, and take care of newly arrived volunteers. To find the job description for that function, go to the website > English > Volunteers, and then apply on the Worldpackers platform. =============================== BACKGROUND INFO ------------------------------------------ I'm building a hobbitlike, ecological round small weekend house (mainly wood and hempcrete), called Robur at The Oak. The map doesn't really show the right location; best is to type and find "Robur op Den Eik" in Google Maps. ------------------------------------------ Since February 2017 the project is officially a nonprofit organisation, and a year later it's been accepted by the Belgian King Baudouin Foundation as a reliable 'good cause', to be found on the official website ------------------------------------------ When finished, Robur will host burnt-out people, or people who need a break from their personal hectic life to prevent burn-out. Another possible use is a short stay (max. 3 months) for artists (e.g. writers) to be able to focus on their project ("artist in residence"). When not occupied, Robur may provide a harmonizing space for e.g. mini-workshops and other small-scale events with themes that match (RE-)CONNECTION through Rest, Nature, Healing and Creativity. There is a Facebook group with photos and videos depicting the start and first half of the evolution: "Robur op Den Eik / Robur at The Oak" (send me a PM saying that you're a volunteer with Worldpackers and I'll accept you as a member). The website, where you can find more pictures in the newsletters, is in English as well: choose the first option in the menu on the homepage! ------------------------------------------ Be welcome to become a Roburger! :-)

ACCOMODATION ------------------------------------------ This is a back-to-basics project. I myself have been living as a nomad in a van for over 14 years now, meaning that I don't have a lot of houselike accomodation. Instead, I offer you a one of a kind, warm, connected exchange and experience with people from all over the world. When you come to The Oak there may be a bunch of other volunteers (although this year I'm limiting the maximum number to 6 at a time), OR you could be there working alone or with just one more volunteer. ------------------------------------------ Even though Robur is almost finished, accomodation is still quite back-to-basics and natural, almost like camping in the wild: a tent - your own or mine - in the forest (as long as the outdoor temperature allows) or your own camper van near the path. There is one small and simple indoor bedroom at the back side of the site hut, good for one or two people. Two people can sleep on the mezzanine in Robur. In October 2017 we built Querculus, a partly insulated garden shed, with space for one to four people. Bringing your own sleeping bag is very helpful. ------------------------------------------ The Oak has an outdoor kitchen and outdoor bathroom (with buckets to shower hot or cold). Water for showering, cooking, doing dishes, coffee etc. is heated with a Kelly Kettle. A heavenly Lazy Lounge will provide you of nice relaxing moments, on your own or with other volunteers. And of course, the heart of The Oak is the central Fireplace next to the kitchen, where volunteers can gather every evening, for the meals and in their free time. There is potable water from a well (143 m deep) and green electricity from the grid. ------------------------------------------ TRANSPORTATION ------------------------------------------ The Oak has some (old) bicycles that can be used for short distances. You can also use a bus card that almost halves the regular price on the bus. TIP: Buy your own bus card (10 rides) when you arrive in Antwerp! Ask for the shop of De Lijn (public transportation company) or buy it in a newspaper shop. When you leave The Oak and still have rides left, I will buy them from you. You can also buy a bus card from me (but will then have to pay the full price for your bus trip to The Oak). ------------------------------------------ INTERNET ------------------------------------------ Internet only available of your own (3/4G, a SIM card with internet only (e.g. Orange), etc.), or wifi to be found in the nearby pub 'Boskant' (at 0,5 km) or in restaurant/pub 'Hestia' (at 1,5 km) and in the two villages (at 4-5 km). If you need your own internet, make sure you have it before arriving at The Oak! If you only need internet to be able to buy tickets for your next trip, you are welcome to ask me and I will create a hotspot for you with my smartphone. ------------------------------------------ LAUNDRY ------------------------------------------ You can do your laundry manually for free, or have it done in the washing machine for a small contribution (the real cost of the amount of laundry that you want to have washed: between € 0,10 for one big or two small pieces, and € 2,50 for a full machine). ------------------------------------------ SURROUNDINGS ------------------------------------------ There are a lot of hiking and biking opportunities with a nature reserve on walking distance; also on walking distance are a camping site with a huge natural swimming pool (day entrance € 5,-), a horse riding centre, a country golf club and a waterski club (just in case :-)). Fairly cheap public transportation (bus) to the cities of Antwerp and Turnhout after half an hour walking to the nearest bus stop. ------------------------------------------ PERIODS & COMMITMENT ------------------------------------------ There's too much work for one almost elderly woman with physical limitations ;-), so Robur at The Oak will always be happy with any help for the most needed jobs. JUST ONE REQUEST: to help voluntarily doesn't mean to help without any commitment... As soon as we've SET DATES, I actually COUNT ON YOUR HELP for that period, as I will have organized everything (work, food, sleeping place etc.). Not showing up makes the work harder for those who did show up, may disrupt the follow-up job organisation, and another enthousiastic volunteer may have been declined because there was no space anymore. ------------------------------------------ You are invited to apply for any period available in the calendar. Weatherwise April through September is the best period, but also later you'll be welcome (if the project is still open for volunteering). Robur is heated, so you can always find a warm and dry place if the weather is bad! ------------------------------------------ LANGUAGE ------------------------------------------ Being able to smoothly communicate is really a must at The Oak! At least intermediate knowledge of English is needed, because not being able to speak and understand English well enough creates a lot of misunderstandings and unintended frustrations. So please apply in English, and DO NOT use a translator, so that I have an idea of your level of English. Being honest about this really rewards! Thank you for your understanding. ------------------------------------------ INSURANCE ------------------------------------------ Make sure you have your own health and travel insurance, or come at your own risk. ------------------------------------------ WHAT TO BRING ------------------------------------------ --- 1) If you can't bring your own WORKING CLOTHES, there is a limited choice of clothes at The Oak. In case you need them: safety gloves, dust masks, safety glasses and ear plugs are available. --- 2) What PERSONAL CLOTHES to bring? In Belgium fall, winter and early springtime are often wet and cold, and unpredictable. It may freeze or it may not freeze at all. The sun may shine a lot (still cold, though), or not. Combined with the daring accomodation circumstances (which are evolving!) your fall or early spring stay could be a challenging experience! ;-) Ask me about that, when applying for that period. Robur is now heated, and two people can sleep there. When you come in late spring, summer and early fall, make sure to bring a SWIMSUIT. You can swim outdoors in a lake at Camping De Lilse Bergen (day entrance € 5,-) at only 15 minutes' walking. Also bring some outdoor shoes that are easy to put on and off: Querculus is shoe-free and so are the mezzanine in Robur (with two matresses) and my van. --- 3) In spring and summer, bring MOSQUITO PROTECTION! And when you are allergic to mosquito bites, also bring your own medication. There are not so many mosquitos all the time, but sometimes it's like an invasion (during a hot and wet period). --- 4) Bring some CASH EUROS or at least test your bank card at an ATM in Belgium before coming to The Oak to see whether it's accepted. Also, there is no ATM or shops in the direct surroundings of The Oak, you'll have to walk about 45 minutes to 1 hour to find them (or use one of the available bicycles). --- 5) Staying at The Oak while you are contributing by helping out with whatever needs to be done in that moment does NOT cost anything - unless you want to offer a free donation, since food and finishing Robur fully depends on donations. EVERY donation, even a small one, is very much welcomed. But I would never ever ask for a mandatory amount of money if people already give the best of themselves to make this beautiful project happen! =============================== Robur at The Oak is a project for and by many people. It wants to (re)connect in many ways, so you are gratefully welcomed to help realise this beautiful project!

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The experience at Rubor really changes your Life, all thé connexions you make there are for a life. Marieke is an amazing person, you learn a lot. Only need to ajust work time, no much free time.




Since I arrived to Robur I could notice the positive energy this place and people around gave to me! I learnt so much about bioconstruction! It was short but intense! Knowing Marieke, Miel and all the volunteers was really nice! Thank you for this amazing time in the Robur! For sure I will come again to see the house finished!




It was a great experience! Marieke and the rest of the people there are great people and very welcoming.
The schedule of work was followed and the available free days as well
Actually I have no critics to make about this place and I truly recommend that everyone comes there to help in the project!!
Thank you for the experience!!




This was my first experience in World Packers, and I must say, it was definitely worth it! Robur is the place where you can feel total peace, where you can learn some new things about yourself, such as new skills. Besides, I learned so much with Marieke, and with the Robur itself. It is at the same time, challenging and amazing.


Marieke respondeu

Sara, you were amazing! Such a great support to me! You (and Manuel) can come back any time until the construction is done, which would hopefully be by next summer, as you know. I just decided to continue with volunteers, but only those that have already been here (because they already know how it all goes).



Robur is a wonderful place, in the middle of a forest, surrounded by trees and birds, make sure you take a deep breath in there. It is the perfect place to connect with yourself and nature.
Marieke is a very kind person, willing to help you and open to receive help from us volunteers to improve her amazing project.
I am grateful to have been at Robur and I sincerely hope that everything continues in the best way. Thank you Marieke! And for the volunteers going there in the future, enjoy this chance to write, sing, play music, dance or do whatever you feel like. Create art!


Marieke respondeu

Thank you, dear Andrés! And of course, THANK YOU for still helping with improving the website, I really like our cooperation. Wish you a lot of great experiences on your travels with Marcela!

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