Rocas Roja

Our place is just located on the Lycian way, next to the sea and into the nature. It is like a combination of blue and green. You can enjoy swimming and hiking. We have our own boat and visit some secret coasts. You can sometimes join us. There is an awesome sunset. And we are pretty close to the butterflyvalley. Our guests are from all over the world so you can also enjoy meeting new people.

We are five people from different backgrounds and work together for four years. We are a great team and we are open to know new people and add new people to our team. Two of us a couple and running the place, the rest of us have different responsibilities.


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Rocas Rojas is located in a stunning mountain area on sea level. The weather is always nice and the bay is super close to the hotel.
I worked as service; my working hours were from 10-13 and 19-23, which is more than agreed on, but the work is easy and fun! There will be times when there are many rooms and other times where it’s rather empty so you can chill.
I’m very grateful and happy about my stay and everything I learned.
Thank you Cem🌞

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✅The place is extremely beautiful surrounded by nature.
✅The tasks are easy, and there is enough free time to relax.
✅The environment is quite welcoming.
Anyone coming to Rocas Roja (or any volunteering place in general) should keep in mind that they are coming to give and receive. They give help with tasks and receive facilities such as accommodation and food. Therefore, it is important to be serious about helping and strive to leave a positive impact.
The entire staff and owners of Rocas Roja are friendly, they truly value diversity and go the extra mile to foster strong relationships.

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It was my first experience with WP and I absolutely enjoyed my time there. If you're interested in nature and want to be isolated from the crowd I'd totally recommend volunteering there! The food also was delicious. I worked as a waiter, it wasn't hard for me. Our manager, Cem was very kind and helpful to me. He even let me try making cocktails because of my interest in my free time. I had lots of friends who are also volunteered...I had a chance to meet the owners and they were also so friendly! I had good times with the staff too. but unfortunately some of them don't work there anymore..

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My experience at Rocas Roja was wonderful! The staff and volunteers were very nice and I felt at home (special thanks to Senem, who even without speaking English, we spoke every day and she is a sweetheart).
About work, I stayed in the kitchen, work in general was easy and peaceful, with more rush on weekends when it was busier.
I really enjoyed my days here, there is a beautiful beach very close by and you can easily go to others by bus or hitchhike, the food is wonderful and here I also met amazing people that I will take with me for a lifetime! I already want to go back ❤️
Highly recommend

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It was a beautiful experience volunteering in Rocas. The staff and volunteers are all lovely. They surprised me on my birthday. They were so sweet to make a vegan cake so I could eat. The work is easy if you are an organized person and love being busy. And oh, the food is delicious. I think I gained weight on my two weeks there. I just left yesterday, but I already missed the place.

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