RUN Children's Home in Uganda

If someone wakes up one day and feels a desire to go somewhere, probably abroad. There is a reason behind it and that one is to make a difference, to touch someone and to share their love with those without hope. Such a person is valuable in this world, at RUN we believe the world needs more people who are willing to offer their time, skills or resources to change the world for better. That is why we say, volunteering is free at RUN, we don't charge you to help us, we work with you to build our community, "IF SOMEONE DOES YOU SOMETHING GOOD, OFFER THEM WHAT YOU ARE ABLE TO IN RETURN" Volunteers bring change and empower our projects and the community to be developed and become self reliant, we aim to establish various projects across the country which leave a lasting impact when they all have left and keep everyone involved even at home.. We need volunteers for teaching our children, for pre-school, orphanage care, community, sports, minor health care and farm workers to assist on a farm initiative operating in eastern Uganda - whatever skills you have can be used to benefit our children & community as a whole. You don't have to be a teacher or teach at all if your strengths lie elsewhere and all our projects are on-going all year round. Your staying with us is free, however for your upkeep we suggest a small donation of at least USD$35 per week which goes towards feeding you on our fresh Ugandan delights,(vegetables, fruits and anything you prefer), Uganda is a farming district and therefore a lot of food can be excepted to be tasted here. You can always make your weekly contribution on arrival, no reservation required, all which benefits the orphanage and school. You will be given three meals a day plus, you reside in the dorms provided at the orphanage

Our projects "Run Academy and Run Orphanage" although the orphanage was our first, the school came last as beacon towards providing access to education to the community of Nabweru and also reducing the costs of educating our children in the orphanage at another school. These projects are sister projects within same location working to improve the lives, education and health of our children and community with the expertise of locally trained staff and inspiring travelers/volunteers from developed countries. We have come far from locally establishing ourselves to internationally working with world, through all our volunteers we are achieved a lot that has changed the way our children view the world, they have gained the love, learnt about other cultures and of course getting the support to continue their dreams. This to us has made RUN a well thanked for, organization in our communities but of course our credit goes to those individuals who saw our needs and got involved, they were "Volunteers" and now they are part of us. They are family, they are world changers and they are ANGELS!!! WHEN YOU ARRIVE; Your welcomed by faces of beautiful African orphans, you stay at the orphanage house with two separate gender dormitories provided, you work only 4-5hrs a day and 5-days a week (Mon-Fri). Our children are from ages 3-14yrs and our staff are 12 in total. WHERE YOU STAY; At the house you will be given your own bunk bed, we have proper showers/bathrooms, a gas/electric cooking kitchen, a TV/DVD available to watch anything of interest with the children and all the projects are in the same location within 20-30metres walkaway.


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The staff makes every effort to make the volunteer feel comfortable, they offer safaris and trips, but the best part of the place are the children! They will make you feel the happiest person ever :)

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thank you MADAM , Sandy!!!

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