Sakbé Kidz (Bilingual Preschool)

Mi casa tiene todo lo necesario para que disfrutes del sur de la ciudad de México (Xochimilco, Coyoacán, Tlalpan). Tienes zonas turísticas y todo lo necesario (tiendas, centro comerciales, supermercados, mercados públicos, restaurantes, etc) muy cerca. Llegarás a un cuarto amplio con baño completo, cama matrimonial y wifi. En las áreas comunes tienes acceso a cocina, sala, lavandería, etc. Tenemos muchas opciones de transporte público para llegar a los museos y siempre tendrás apoyo ante cualquier duda, nos interesa mucho su seguridad. En casa vivimos 4 personas y 2 perros. Nos encanta platicar, recomendarte lugares e invitarlos una buena comida o un rico helado.

Mi equipo de trabajo es muy unido y especial. Mi objetivo es dar una educación del siglo XXI a mis alumnos preescolares. Es una escuela pequeña, pero con mucha energía. Tendrás un rico desayuno, apoyo para material y siempre alguien dispuesto a hablar.

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I really enjoyed my time at the preschool helping Miss Letty with the English classes. The children are lots of fun and loved learning new games and songs. The host family is nice and friendly too.
Please note that you do have to arrange your own way back from the preschool and sometimes to get there in the mornings too. Uber is about 45 pesos each way. This was not made clear to me before arrival.

2 meses atrás


I thoroughly enjoyed the three weeks, that I was able to spend with Pao and her family! Everyone of them is so kind that I quickly felt part of this wonderful family with their two amazing dogs and mini pig Nina. The same goes for the school: the teachers and children there are one of a kind!! I felt absolutely thankful being able to teach them and being part of their Halloween event.

Even when I got sick, the family had a lot of understanding for my situation and supported me.. thanks a lot for all of the trust you put in me! We’ll see us soon!

2 meses atrás


I had an amazing time in Sakbé Kidz. I learned a lot and had lots of great moments with the kids. They are so open to learn new things and share their experience. The school is really an example of education. I received all the support I needed in the school and also at home. Thank you Paola and your family for everything!! I really felt that I can turn to you with anything and you always helped me , also you showed me beautifull places and recommended lots of other to see. Totally recommended :)

3 meses atrás


I was working around 30 minutes with each group of kids - doing art classes. I was using available materials, painting the flag of Poland, drawing animals, painting kid’s faces, sculpturing, stamping ...etc. I also did one door painting when there was a week when the kindergarten was closed.
Everything was as described in the info: 3 days of volunteering per week - thanks to that I also had time to work on my own(as a graphic designer freelancer) and to visit other places in Mexico.
I was happily surprised how big the bedroom with bathroom, where I slept on the south of Coyócan neighborhood.

4 meses atrás


There are no words to describe Sakbé Kidz! One of the best moments I had in my entire life and I totally recommended! The school is amazing. The structure, the materials, the support you receive from the teachers is perfect for your full development and working hours. Paola is really awesome and the family is there to guide and to help you with anything you might need! And what to say about the kids? Oh my god, they're the most beautiful in the world! Incredible the efforts the school has in to prepare them, and the concern to transmit values and principles that is lacking nowadays! GO FOR IT!

5 meses atrás

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