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We, Saltycrax A-Team represent a bigger company together with TED-ED kids, SAVE NPO foundation and SAVE volunteering with volunteers and Interns from all over the globe to have their own personal input in either Sports or School and Educare programs. Saltycrax Backpackers is the spear point of it all, as we'ere proud to ware our 5stars (Graded) on the chest. This where everyone has they Pre or Post night before leaving for their volunteering accommodation close by. We double as an Adventure center, booking and managing activities for global guests, package guests, and volunteers that make the most of their free time. Our sister establishment next door "SALT" is also a 5star Boutique Guest House for the "Lanies". Although we do have a great bar, we won't state this as our selling point, however, a beer shot challenge or beer pong, etc is always a great starter for a great Vibey Night, including our Wednesday "potjiekos" night, Saturday "Braai" night and Sunday DIY braai night.

We're a great Family in a stunning part of the world, almost at the most southern tip of Africa. Cape Town is world-renowned for being super vibey with the best of many cultures and traditions, landscapes, activities but most of all, the people. Having traveled the world over for a few years, I still find myself back in the Mother City. There is something special here. Something no one can quite verbalize, but everyone knows. People look you in the eyes when they walk by and ask "how are you", and they mean it. We are a sincere multi-culture. Thats why Interns, Vols, Guests, and Staff come back, some of them permanently. Some theorize its the cradle of civilization, a primal energy that permeates, still. Who knows, really. I for one would not trade it for the world:) Best wishes. Regards Gerrie Bosman Manager

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