Samaritan Volunteer Project

Volunteer with us is the perfect way of learning our culture while contributing to our community. Through our project you will not only have the opportunity to volunteer, but also to experience the everyday life of a local. Get around using local transportation, browse markets to find ingredients to cook local food, and enjoy exercise and football at the community grounds. All of these are great ways to learn and practice Swahili and engage with locals.

Samaritan Volunteer Project is a non government organization based in providing education to the children and youth in our community. We are located in south Dar Es Salaam about 15 kilometers from the city center. Volunteer opportunities: ​ Teaching children in our Samaritan school (ages 2 – 15 years). Around 50 children and youth come to learn English, writing, reading, math, art, language, vocational skills, games and sports. Computer training classes for local youth: Basics of using a computer Microsoft Office applications Improving our social media presence and website development, with new content, design improvement and photography. Teaching children in a three local nursery schools (ages 4-6 years). Work with local teacher to instruct children writing, math, art, language, vocational skills, games and sports. Fundraising. Provide ideas and strategies for making money online or with sponsors to support our projects. ACCOMMODATION Volunteers stay in our volunteer house. This has four shared rooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, the class area for the children and a common area. You will feel safe since the area is very quiet, in a friendly community and the house has an exterior door. The contribution for accommodation is 52 US Dollers per week and this includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, internet (Wi-Fi) and contributes to household expenses (electricity, gas and water). Bedding is provided, but bring your own towel and toiletries. Smoking is allowed but only outside. TRANSPORT We will pick you up but our organization is not able to pay for the taxis, these will be paid by the volunteers. The costs are: From the airport: USD 25. From the ferry station: USD 20 From a hotel and hostel, we must speak first, because the cost depends on the distance. If you want to use public transport, we can give you directions to get to our neighborhood and meet you on the main road to guide you to the house. Volunteering with us is the perfect way to experience Tanzania as a local while we contribute to our community.

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