Samesun Hostel Venice Beach

One of California’s most vibrant and eclectic neighborhoods! Surrounded by music, art & beach culture, our hostel is just steps from the famous Venice Boardwalk & Muscle Beach. The hostel is conveniently located close to LAX, walking distance to Santa Monica and is the only oceanfront hostel in Los Angeles! The vibrant Boardwalk is lined with bars, cafes and restaurants with some of the best people-watching on the planet as artists, hipsters, travelers, and locals all mix together in this beachfront oasis. A short walk or bike ride down the beach takes you to the daily Carnival at Santa Monica Pier. There is something for everyone at Venice Beach.

We pride ourselves on our homey, down to earth atmosphere where everyone is part of the family! Staying here you will learn about the hostel industry and experience different cultures from all around the globe. Leading the various activities, you will strengthen your interpersonal and leadership skills, as well as be fully immersed in the Venice way of life. If you are interested in learning more about the California culture and love meeting people from all walks of life, we would love to have you join us and become a part of the family! We want to show guests a good time and enthusiastic volunteers will help show guests a good time and hopefully help them create great memories of our city. In addition, there are plans for our volunteers to work as greeters and contribute a bit to tidying up around the hostel.

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I had the best time here.Highly recommended :))




This place is like my house. The staff is the best all the time laughing, and the volunteers too. Good people, good place and good guests too. And venice is close to the beach there are lot of things for do. I learned English in there too. if you need to ask me something I speak Spanish too. I recommend 100%




I spent 2 months at Samesun Venice. I had an amazing time with staff guests and other volunteers. One of the best experiences in my life.
Thank you for everything! :)




O que falar do intercâmbio que mudou sua vida e que superou as suas expectativas?
Todos que trabalham no hostel são muito cordiais, e sempre estão dispostos a te dar suporte. Foi incrível a minha experiência com os funcionários do Samesun, com os clientes e com as pessoas da própria Venice. Fiz muita coisa como voluntária, inclusive uma espécie de guia!
Pude ter uma imersão enriquecedora. A assistência para lazer também é incrínvel, temos disponível pranchas de surf, etc. e atividades variadas que vai para todos os gostos.
Samesun é o lugar! Obrigada a todos do Samesun pelo excelente apoio!




That place was my home for some months and I had my best times there! I met friends for my whole life, I had time to live the "LA life", enjoy the most beautiful sunsets and also learn a bunch of things that I didn't expect.
If reading this and wondering if you should to apply, don't think to much, just apply and hope for my little boss pick you, cause you're not gonna find other spot like this in front of Venice Beach.


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