Santos Marina and Surf Island

Three minute Video: Surf, community, quite a few bars and four small restaurants in two villages with 111 families separated by a five mile dirt road on a beach island surrounded by mangrove forest, clean drinking water and let time stop while you sing and dance with the sun and moon. If you surf, yogi it up, or just want to connect with others in a budding community with children running free you have found your island home. We are safe and secluded and the fire of intrigue is attracting a positive and mindful crowd. If you are a backpacker and want to get away from the norm and gain awareness from a spiritual atmosphere we are the place for you. If you a surfer and hate crowds we are certainly the spot you have been looking for; we have a fast A framing beach break wave with a deep pit, best at high tides with mixed swell.

Under an hour from SAL airport take Uber or a taxi to Costa Del sol Blvd, at the end is "la Puntilla" where the road ends and a beach peninsula has boat taxis, on the left. Available till dusk, these boats go to Tasajera for about five bucks and you ll be on the island in ten minutes. A forty minute walk on the only dirt road to Colorada, or six minutes on a few dollar old truck taxi just ask for a Shane and Santos's place. We have an acre property with a wooden dock and you may feel like you have traveled backwards through time. Get here, get a beer and find your place in the sun with us. We have newly made hostel bunks or stay on the boat which has three bunks for coed sleeps. Currently we are made of two families, one indigenous El Salvadorian family, and Rebecca and I, a married American couple. After sailing a boat into the river estuary I met Santos and invested in his marina. He is my best friend, and within six months of meeting, together, we bought a good size property on the island. We host well from under a week to longer, more permanent, stays and welcome any volunteers who keep positivity as a frame of mind. Once on the island we provide rice and beans and sometimes bread. For better food choices there are small grocery stores owned by neighbors where most all needs can be met including meat, fruit and veggies, beans and bread, sweets and drinks.


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Great experience. This was our first stop on our journey and everyone was so warm and nice and very understanding. The environment is incredibly positive and if you are willing to learn you can actually learn a lot from the hosts.

The environment is actually pretty well catered to your comfort and enjoyment while completely emersed in nature and the community.

Highly recommend a stay there🙂🙂🙂



I had a lot of fun on the island! There is a lot of freedom to do what you want and to explore all the opportunities. Shane was a good host and he really shared his property so as a guest you can really make it your home. The people of the community are really nice and will help you with whatever you need. And the nature is beautiful!


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Staying on the island with Shane and Rebecca was one of my best travel experiences yet. They're super accommodating and as soon as i arrived felt at home.
As a surfer it was a dream; every day I a huge long white sand beach with A-frame breaks running as far as the eye could see with no one on it. There's also lots to do as well as surfing such as fishing, exploring the island and getting to know the locals.
Highly recommend Santos Marina and Surf Island to any traveller looking to get off the tourist route and experience something different.



My time there was just wonderful, it actually couldn't be any better. The hosts are just the best! They were not just hosts but became good friends. The island life and its slow pace is amazing, peaceful atmosphere. The locals are such a friendly and welcoming people that you'll just love, kids are great and have a lot of energy. It's all about community! Totally recommended. But to get the best of it, go, and be willing to take part of the beautiful dream the hosts are turning into reality. Use your gifts to contribute for improvements in the village. It's rewarding. You won't regret it!! (:



I can't even describe what a special experience this was. The place is beautiful, Shane and Rebecca were kind, fun and very chill and they both care a lot about the community. It was a pleasure to spend time here, to help out and to get to know everyone. Thanks so much for having me!


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