We live in a quiet village which is near Mwanza city, the second largest and fast growing city of our country, Tanzania. The area is home of the Sukuma Tribe which is the largest tribe in our country. Volunteering at our project gives our volunteers opportunity to visit this place as much as they can during their free time. Also the volunteer can get a chance to visit Saanane Island, the marvelous Island found in city area. We care for less fortunate children at our centre and this is a noble cause which our volunteers really like to leave a mark to the lives of these kids through volunteering. The future and development of these kids are in jeopardy and we are the only hope to create a better future for them, so, a volunteer to these kids is a family member and not a stranger. The early childhood care and education is a new concept in our educational system through out the country, when someone decide to volunteer at our centre he/she is the really help and needed one and very unique. By volunteering at our place, a volunteer can get a chance to go for a Safaris or tour at an affordable cost with reliable companies.

I was born in 1986 and my father refused to take his parental responsibility since my mother informed him that she is pregnant. My mother struggled a lot with me to give me the nonetheless education I have. I discovered myself how hard was it for me to get education and this made me to think about helping the most destitute rural children. I am a charming and open person working day and night to find a way to make these kids realizing their dreams. I have a very nice staff and any volunteer who have already met them and our kids always feel so happy and wanting to be here with us. We are all cooperative to our volunteers and care for them so much because their time with us mean a lot.

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I have had an incredible experience with William and his family. They have shown the the true Tanzania and I have had the chance to make a difference through teaching and also explore what the local area has to offer. William gave me the support and confidence to be independent in a new country. If you want to make a difference, see the real Tanzania and meet some amazing people this is the project for you. I would strongly reccomend.

2 meses atrás



We spent three weeks teaching English at the school and we can fully recommend this experience! The school has a very nice atmosphere and the teachers were super welcoming and did everything to make us feel part of the team. The kids were very sweet and enthusiastic and because of their strong will to learn, we felt that our lessons really led to improvement. We stayed with William and his family and they made us feel comfortable and were very kind. When we said goodbye, one of the teachers told us that we now have an African family we can always return to and it certainly feels that way!

4 meses atrás



My stay lasted two weeks and the experience was unbeatable. I traveled with a friend and both William and his family as well as the school workers made us feel at home. Always concerned about taking care of us and helping us learn about their culture and way of life. Tanzania is a safe and very nice place. This experience changed my life, many thanks to Willian and the lovely children. A totally recommendable host.

4 meses atrás



Savvy Brain Academy is going to stay in my heart forever. William and his hole family make me feel as part of it, they teach me about the culture and the main food, they where always open to answer to my questions. I really enjoyed my time in Kisesa. Asante Sana. Esta experiencia cambio mi vida, me mostro una realidad diferente a la mía y me enseño como nunca. Gracias a William, su familia, a los profesores y todos los niños por el amor que me dieron estas cuatro semanas. Ahora se que tengo una familia en Kisesa, Mwanza.

6 meses atrás



I really loved my volunteering experience at this school! They are doing a great job to support empoverished children, offering all they have, in order to provide the kids with necessary skills that will help them to become the person they want to be ...
I very easily became part of their team and the whole school staff as well as William & his family are so much fun, welcoming and helpful, no matter what you need.

This experience was definitely life changing, there's no other way to describe it.
I truly recommend this project & hope to have the opportunity to come back soon ♡

7 meses atrás

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