Savvy Brain Academy Tanzania

We live in a quiet village which is near Mwanza city, the second largest and fast growing city of our country, Tanzania.
The area is home of the Sukuma Tribe which is the largest tribe in our country. Volunteering at our project gives our volunteers opportunity to visit this place as much as they can during their free time.
Also the volunteer can get a chance to visit Saanane Island, the marvelous Island found in city area.
We care for less fortunate children at our centre and this is a noble cause which our volunteers really like to leave a mark to the lives of these kids through volunteering.
The future and development of these kids are in jeopardy and we are the only hope to create a better future for them, so, a volunteer to these kids is a family member and not a stranger.
The early childhood care and education is a new concept in our educational system through out the country, when someone decide to volunteer at our centre he/she is the really help and needed one and very unique.
By volunteering at our place, a volunteer can get a chance to go for a Safaris or tour at an affordable cost with reliable companies.

I was born in 1986 and my father refused to take his parental responsibility since my mother informed him that she is pregnant. My mother struggled a lot with me to give me the nonetheless education I have. I discovered myself how hard was it for me to get education and this made me to think about helping the most destitute rural children. I am a charming and open person working day and night to find a way to make these kids realizing their dreams. I have a very nice staff and any volunteer who have already met them and our kids always feel so happy and wanting to be here with us. We are all cooperative to our volunteers and care for them so much because their time with us mean a lot.

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This place is just amazing! William is such an incredible person with the best intentions for everyone. I stayed there for 3 weeks with my girlfriend and another volunteer (Peter).

William were super positiv to all our suggestions for how we could help the school. We ended up making a video and a fundraiser. We also built a playground for the kids which included a football field, volleyball field and a basketball court.

You will feel super welcomed by the kids, the teachers and everyone around in the village.

Highly recommended!

4 dias atrás

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I had an incredible experience with Savvy Brain Academy! William and his family are so kind, and the social impact of the school and the other programs that William is involved in is inspiring. If you want to truly make a difference while learning about local culture, this is the place to volunteer. I’ll never forget my time with them.

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This trip was very special to me. It really teached me so many things, I got a new perspective of life. William is an amazing man who does so much for his community. The school is amazing, with the most grateful and sweet children. The village that I lived in was very welcoming.
Thanks to William and his beautiful family that made me feel at home from the first day. I want to come back. Asante sana!

3 meses atrás

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Karibu sana.



It was one of the best decisions I had ever made.
I had an amazing time in Kisesa.
William and his family made me fell like I was home.
The school is such a beautiful project. The kids are so adorable and the teachers are always willing to learn and also very friendly.
I wish I could be Back one day. I will miss this a lot.

Asante sana.

4 meses atrás



It was a great experience and changed the way I see the world for sure. The family is very kind and welcoming! I had to get used to shower with just a bucket of water and also to the toilets and eating the same food very often. But you get used to it very quickly and have a great time. Working in the school was so so cool. The kids are so sweet and also the teachers are really kind. I am really happy that i made the decision to work here and also very thankful for everything I learned and all the people I met. <3

4 meses atrás

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