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It is very important for us to find mechanisms to promote the development and progress of the less privileged communities in the Peruvian Amazon. We believe that working together with these communities in developing different skills for its people and creating new job opportunities, not only will help to reduce poverty but to reduce activities that are damaging the environment such as, logging or illegal/legal gold mining with strong contaminating chemicals. Protecting the Amazon should be a global commitment because of its incalculable biological and ecological value.

We are a growing project working for the economic and social development of the less privileged communities in the Peruvian Amazon. We focus on education, environment, ecotourism and cultural exchange. We believe that promoting the development and progress of these communities can help reducing the destruction of the Amazon. The first of a series of programs that we are working on is the English teaching program. We believe that English lessons will provide a valuable opportunity to help local people gain the skills they need to communicate with tourists and also help the younger generations to have better life opportunities.


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Hi, I‘m Anna, Semillas Life is a great Projekt! I really liked it. I unfortunately had to leave early but Chris (our host) was super supportive and helped me with it! He organised a Taxi for a fee to pick me up from the Airport wich made me feel safe. We did lots of trips and they were awesome. I learned a lot. The only thing that freaked me out a bit at first were the cockroaches and the billion mosquitos. But i got used to the for me, new standard of living quite quickly. If you bring a proper mosquito spray you should be perfectly prepared and ready to start your adventure. Loved it🫶🥰😍

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Christian respondeu

You're welcome! Good luck with everything.



Volunteering at Semillas' Life was a great experience. You live in the amazon forest and share quiality time with other volunteers coming from different places and cultures. The first days involve a lot of excursions around the city of Puerto Inca. And in the evenings (3d/w) you have english classes with students of different ages all eager to learn. Chris and Anna are very supportive and will make your stay as comfortable as possible. Thank you both for such a good time together!

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My time in Puerto Inca was absolutely lovely. Chris is a responsible host who takes care of his volunteers. The kids and adult classes were fun.

4 meses atrás

Reino Unido


This project has great potential but it still has a while to go until it's actually what is advertised. I had a great time here as I met some great people and enjoyed the day trips with Neyer.

However, organisation needs to be massively improved. There is no guidance of structure for the English lessons with the locals. Most of the volunteers have never taught before and there's no structure to the lessons, meaning that they're not as impactful as they could be. Also you only teach for 9 hours a week, so you have A LOT of free time.

6 meses atrás

Estados Unidos


Good experience overall! Excellent opportunity to improve Spanish and immerse in local culture.

6 meses atrás

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