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If you are looking for a quiet, cozy, and elegant place to stay in the heart of Seoul, Korea and at the same time want to find a place to stay for free? ENGLISH Volunteer Profile: - A cheerful, friendly and proactive person. - With criteria of excellence, watch out for small details in all assigned tasks. - Separate personal plans with work. - Willing to learn new things. - Preferably interested in topics of Marketing and social networks. - Ability to work in a multicultural team. - Interested in learning about Korean culture. Volunteer Responsibilities: - Housekeeping: cleaning the rooms and common areas; make the beds after the check-out; washing, dry and fold the sheets. - Reception: Welcome the guests; charge guests; respond to messages in the applications we use for reservations. - Management of social networks and websites: Publish photos on our social networks; check the calendars of reservations; update basic information on our web pages. - Keep the inventory updated of the goods that are in the guest house. Required skills: - Have basic notions of cleaning in general. - Know how to manage social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Wordpress (It is not limiting). - Preferably have an intermediate level of English. - Good management of technologies: Cellphone and computer. Schedule: - Working hours: 4 days a week from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (3 days off). - Note: We usually work with two volunteers, so Volunteers can agree on which days they want to work. SPANISH Perfil del Voluntario: - Una persona alegre, amable y proactiva. - Con criterio de excelencia, atenta a los pequeños detalles en todas las tareas - asignadas. - Que sepa separar sus planes personales con el trabajo, por lo tanto, es importante que el voluntario sea responsable con el horario y las tareas asignadas. - Dispuesta a aprender nuevas cosas. - Preferiblemente que esté interesado en temas de Marketing y redes sociales. - Capacidad de trabajo en equipo multiculturales. - Interesado en aprender sobre la cultura coreana. Responsabilidades del Voluntario: - Quehaceres: limpiar las habitaciones y áreas comunes; hacer las camas luego de los check-out; limpiar, secar y doblar las sábanas. - Recepción: Recibir y despedir a los huéspedes; cobrar a los huéspedes; responder los mensajes en las aplicaciones que usamos para las reservas. - Manejo de redes sociales y páginas web: Publicar fotos en nuestras redes sociales; revisar los calendarios de las reservas; actualizar información básica en nuestras páginas web. -Mantener el inventario actualizado de los bienes que se encuentran en la Guest House. Habilidades requeridas: -Tener nociones básica de limpieza en general. - Saber manejar redes sociales como Instagram, Twitter, Facebook y Wordpress (No es limitante). - Preferiblemente que tenga un nivel intermedio de inglés. - Buen manejo de tecnologías: Celular y computadora. Horario de Trabajo: - Horario de trabajo: 4 días a la semana de 9:00 am a 4:00 pm (3 días libres). - Nota: Usualmente trabajamos con dos voluntarias, por lo tanto, las voluntarias definen cuáles días quieren trabajar.

I studied abroad in U.S. and would like to provide great experience to volunteers who also would like to have a great stay in Korea. You will be working with a team of two (with supervisor).


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My time in the guesthouse was amazing. I love everything about that place. Felt like a home away from home. The owner is really kind and even if there's misunderstandings about working hours or tasks, you can be sure that you can talk with him about it. The work itself is really easy and the location is amazing :)




It was really good to work with James and be in SBS! He is easy going and things going to be ok if you do what you have to do properly, also it is good to make everything clear to avoid misunderstands. The place is close to a lot of good places in the city and you can walk to them. If you like the party you can find good pud in less than five minutes but if you enjoy nature is the same. Close of there are restaurants for all kinds of budgets and markets. SBS is a comfortable place. If you are someone who enjoys peace, is responsible and is a good cleaner you will love to be a volunteer there.




The work is easy, the problem is the host, he is very rude, disrespectful and speaks to you as if you were stupid. It doesn't matter if you do the work, if you make a single mistake he makes a whole drama. You have to constantly be with the work mobile,which makes daily work difficult.
HE DOESN’T COMPLY WITH THE VOLUNTARY CONTRACT, we had to use OUR OWN MONEY to be able to give the change to the guests. He tried NOT to RESPECT OUR FREE HOURS, in my last week he tried to make me work alone without days off. There isn't security lockers.
And James don't lie, because I have proof of EVERYTHING




The place is really cozy and warm, almost all our guests are girls and they are very kind. The task now are not hard to do. When I started here the place was brand new so I need to do many tasks, but now it is easy. The host offer rice and eggs to the volunteers and he is kind, he is into marking hehe and he speaks English very well.
What I liked most about this place is that it is only a 20 minute walk from the Namsan tower and the terrace is very cool to sit and have coffee. It is a place that makes you feel at home.


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