Shady Spruce Hostel

Shady Spruce is located in the heart of an eclectic and dynamic western U.S., specifically downtown Missoula, Montana, . Missoula sits near the crown of the North American continent, surrounded by wilderness, native people, clean free flowing rivers, hot springs, and amazing wild animals. Our cozy hostel serves as a clean, warm, and safe resting place where travelers can converge, energize and network.

Greetings! I'm Chris, owner of Shady Spruce hostel. I love to travel, meet new people and embrace all it means to be a positive, tolerant and productive global citizen. I've travelled the world, served extended U.S. Peace Corps assignments, taught at the university level and hold a Master's of Science degree in renewable energy engineering. I work along side an Assistant Manager who also prioritizes guiding Worldpackers through the most unique travel/work experience possible. We have the utmost respect for our volunteers and consider them members of the Shady Spruce family. I'm happiest when hanging out with those who enjoy exploring the world, hiking wilderness, cycling lonely roads, fishing and creating art. I strive to be a person who celebrates diversity, encourages multicultural learning experiences and embraces individuality & personal growth.

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