Shambhala Eco Habitat

Thanks so much for considering visiting us and helping out, we can offer you a place to live during your stay, you will have free use of bikes and kayaks, free pass to the botanical garden in Naples (two people at a time can visit), if you are around while we take care of the sick animals you will learn natural healing from herbs and plants as well as vitamins and supplements, also available if you are interested to practice Spanish. You can also learn to hand feed sick animals or baby orphans. You will have an opportunity to experience the authentic Florida, as we are not in a touristy region. You will interact with our friends and neighbors at the native market. If you are into self development we can let you use our Ipod with thousands of hours of wisdom from audiobooks with the best authors on our times and great meditations. Some of the skills you will learn while mastering your daily task list or just by living on the property will be skills that you can use to be more successful in your life outside the sanctuary, time management, focus, organization, determination, endurance, multitasking, attention to details, self initiative, increase awareness, body language, intuition etc Please note that all of the above is available UPON YOUR REQUEST, you will need to express your interest in order for us to share the information or experience with you!

Isilma (AKA Isi or Nina) is very passionate about animals sustainable living and nature. Mainly vegetarian, meditate on a regular basis, spiritual entrepreneur, lightworker, healer, seeker and giver. Born on an Island in the Caribbean and lived in South America, South Africa, Europe, Central america and now in North America. In her past life she was a holistic healer for humans with a bachelor's degree in psychology a master in hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistic programming, dream sculpting coach, a certified reiki, reconnective healing and sacred geometry practitioner, massage therapist and a certified animal communicator. In her present life she is a healer for animals and dedicate most of her time caring for those little ones in need. We treat all humans and animals with care compassion love and respect, and we expect you treat our animals and us the same way. We are a certified wildlife habitat, protecting the animals and forest today for generations to come, apart from the friendly wildlife (bears, panthers, deers, raccoons, coyotes, foxes, alligators, snakes, monkeys etc) that live or visit our properties we care for 13 cats, 3 roosters, 25 ducks, 3 peacocks, 45 happy hens that give us fresh organic eggs each day :-), 5 pheasants, Lola the pig and 41 quails. Our property is a Drama, anger, smoke, drugs and alcohol free environment so if you have any of these addictions or trying to quit, this may not be the place for you. We treat humans and animals equal and we expect you to treat our animals and us in a respectful, compassionate, loving and caring way as well.

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