Shapoorji Pallonji

Here are the reasons you would possibly enjoy your stay -fun way to see the city -cultural exchange -good conversations -good company (I think but you can be the judge of that ;) -plenty of time to yourself (the work I need help on is very minimal) so you get plenty of time to explore the city - Kolkata has awesome food (it’s the best) -There are many touristy things to do- visit Mother Teresa’s testing place, temples etc. -Sunderban is a couple of hours away- so you could take a weekend off to see the forest.

Hi everyone. I look forward to welcoming you with me in Kolkata. It gives me great pleasure to know more about local cultures, traditions and we'd love to hear tales of your travels. On a personal level, the fantastic cultural exchange has been wonderful and I look forward to a culturally diverse adventure with you. I used to train ESL students, but I had to put a temporary pause. Currently, I work on creating ESL lesson plans and trying to build a platform for online lessons. So any help with that would be highly appreciated. A little bit about me. I am in my 20s, living by myself, working remotely and trying to do my best in bringing a positive change in the world. I am working on a degree for an International business specializing in Intercultural management. I like listening to music, an occasional movie, tv-show or anime here and there. I do stay a little busy during the day but I always try to make time for getting to know volunteers and collaborating on projects. However, I have experienced each individual has their own set of strengths and I try to get to know you better so that I can assign the work accordingly. Either way, feel free to send a message for inquiry.Any interaction and exchange of culture or bouncing ideas off each other helps :) *️️️️️️️️️️️️*️️️️️️️️️️️️Please look at the calendar and availability. Although we would love to host you, we are expecting others at that time. You are still welcome to reach out if you'll be in town anyway during these days in case someone has to cancel last minute but the probability is slim Have a wonderful journey ahead.

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