Shikoku-Island This is not a tourist spot. a quiet place.

*My past reviews are old and have been updated as much as possible to avoid any trouble, so please read my profile to the end.

This is not a tourist spot. It is a small rural village where you can relax and enjoy your time.

Please do not let anyone into your room without my permission. People who spend all day on their phones, people who hate bugs, people who do not enjoy my poor English conversation, discriminators. People who like to party. People who cannot enjoy nature are not suitable for this place. Don't come. Or, I will ask you to leave immediately. We are looking for people who can use their five senses flexibly.
I run an organic farm. I mainly grow delicious vegetables such as tomatoes. I always think about good lifestyle and world peace.
This area has many old and historical rice terraces and is a mountainous area surrounded by beautiful rivers. It is a great environment for nature lovers.

Your work will include general farm work such as taking care of animals, harvesting and shipping vegetables, washing vegetables, planting seedlings, weeding, pruning, etc.
Work with me on various tasks in the countryside. The work is easy, safe, and you can learn a lot.
Work starts from 8am to noon. You will work about 20 hours a week.
After work, let's have lunch together for free. Afternoon is free time. You will have two days off per week.
I will provide you with free rice. Please purchase the rest of the ingredients yourself (there are farmers' markets, supermarkets and convenience stores nearby)

Please prepare yourself breakfast and dinner.

The volunteer house is next to my office. The volunteer house is a small, handmade room converted from a greenhouse. You can use a separate bedroom, kitchen, washing machine, hot shower, composting toilet, wood stove, Wi-Fi and bicycles for free.

In my free time, I enjoy walking along rivers and mountains, reading books, listening to music, instruments, swimming, fishing, kayaking and hiking. If you have time, please enjoy your hobbies with me!

I can offer invitations to only 1person . The reason is that I want to slowly build a relationship with you. And I want to hear from you.

Sometimes you will have the opportunity to interact with local people. Experience our culture.

Perhaps this experience would not be possible on a short trip.

We have a friendly and relaxed approach, giving you enough time and energy to enjoy the surrounding environment. In return for your cooperation, we will provide you with good service and a great experience. The nature of Motoyama is waiting for you.

Let's make a page of memories in the countryside of Shikoku.

*Sorry, we do not accept vegans or vegetarians (as it is not part of our food culture).
Thank you, Yoshinaga.

Hello. I am Yoshinaga. (Born in 1975.I recently got divorced so...) My English is beginner level. But I will try my best to talk to you. My name is Yoshinaga. In Japan, we call people by adding "...san" at the end of their names. In other words, you can call me "Yoshinaga-san." I'm a farmer. And the religion is "Shinto". They respect nature and will eat anything. And I hope for a peaceful world. Guests are limited to those who have the heart to understand and respect each other. And I hate being a web content creator article.


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The beauty of the place was eye and heart-catching, and this would not have been possible without Yoshinaga-san hospitality, eagerness and enthusiasm in introducing me to Motoyama’s culture and environment. Due to his approachable and understanding nature, I was not afraid to consult him whenever I have questions. Work given was also diverse and not demanding. The Green Home is surrounded by nature’s calling and located in the heart of Motoyama making it both convenient and tranquil. I will always look back at this journey with fondness and gratitude. Highly recommended!

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Yoshinaga respondeu

She is an amazing activist. She explained everything to me in simple terms and understood almost everything about her work. It's really amazing.
All hosts should definitely invite her if she requests it. We both had a wonderful time. Thank you.
See you again someday.

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We volunteered with Yoshinaga-san for 1 week and had a great time. It was our first Worldpackers experience so we didn’t know what to expect - Yoshinaga-san was a very generous host and was always very flexible. The work was varied and interesting and not too difficult! He taught us how to do each job clearly as well. Shikoku is a beautiful island and if you love nature this is the perfect place. The accommodation is simple but has all the luxuries you need. You can tell a lot of love has gone into designing it. We recommend!

2 meses atrás

Yoshinaga respondeu

Their 3 week trip to Japan. Thank you for coming to my farm for a week. It was their first time staying at a farm, so they must have been nervous.
But he did it without fear. That's wonderful.
They are two very friendly people. Neither of them was late for starting work. I think they are a serious couple.



I spent two weeks with Yoshinaga-san and we had intense activities in the field and connected with local people. I learned a lot about Wind Family's business model, as well as the host's history and way of thinking. The house is in the middle of the mountains and the weather was a little cold. I recommend taking coats during autumn and winter! I just suggest some improvements to the bathroom and shower facilities, but you will have great time at Motoyama city.

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I had about two weeks at Yoshinaga-san's place and it was really nice time. I got to do and see a bit of his farming life, the nature around the small city where he lives and just in generel get to live the countryside life.
The time spent on Work tasks were fair and the job itself I found interesting.
Yoshinaga was funny to hang out with and he has a nice perspective on life and nature. I can only recommend this to other people!

9 meses atrás

Yoshinaga respondeu

Pauli is a wonderful adult who not only loves traveling, but also respects the culture and history of each place. (I kind of laugh that he can't eat onions... haha)
Although it was only two weeks, we had very meaningful and deep interactions. I wanted to continue contacting him. thank you.またね!!



Staying at Green Home was an unforgettable experience, Yoshinaga-san is an incredible host that cares a lot about me, he is a very kind and interesting person. We had fun exploring all the rivers sides, swimming and chatting! I had the chance to go to Yasakoi and Motoyama festivals! It's hard to say everything that we did, we shared so many special experiences. Motoyama is full of nature, it's more beautiful than I expected.
I also had dinner with a local family and made some friends!
The work was easy and stress free.
It was very sad to say goodbye, Yoshinaga-san became really special to me

11 meses atrás

Yoshinaga respondeu

Joana and our summer memories are indescribable. We respected each other and enjoyed every day like children of nature, chatting, cooperating, and sometimes discussing and resolving disagreements. It's a wonderful relationship. I think this is true cultural exchange. Of course she has common sense and is a wonderful adult. It's sad to part, but I hope we can ride the wind like dandelions and meet again someday. Overall a perfect guest.ありがとう!!

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