Shikoku-Island This is not a tourist spot. a quiet place.

It's a place to live quietly and enjoy your time.
This is not a tourist spot. It's a small rural village.
Hello. My name is Yoshinaga. My family is my wife and dog. I speak a little English. I will do my best to have a conversation with you.

My family runs an organic farm. The main crops we grow are delicious vegetables such as tomatoes. I always think about good lifestyle and world peace.
The region has many old and historic rice terraces and a mountainous environment surrounding beautiful rivers. Nice views.

Job duties include harvesting and shipping vegetables, washing vegetables, planting seedlings, removing weeds, pruning, and general farm work.
Please work with me on various rural jobs. The work is easy, safe and you can learn a lot.
Work starts at 8:30am. Eat lunch with us for free. The afternoon is free time. You can enjoy your weekends freely. I make my own breakfast and dinner. Basic materials will be provided free of charge. (You buy the luxury items yourself)

The volunteer house is next to my office. The Volunteer House is a small, hand-built room in a separate greenhouse. Free use of separate bedroom, kitchen, washing machine, hot shower, composting toilet, wood stove, Wi-Fi and bicycles.
During your free time, enjoy walking along the river or in the mountains, fishing, kayaking, or hiking.

This service cannot be used by multiple customers. I would like to interact with you slowly. And I want to hear your story.
There are also opportunities to interact with Japanese people. Experience our culture.
If you have time, let's enjoy our hobbies together!

Perhaps this experience would not be possible on a short trip.
We have a friendly and relaxed approach, giving you plenty of time and energy to enjoy your surroundings. In exchange for your help, we will provide you with good service and great experience.

Let's create a page of memories in the countryside of Shikoku.
Please contact us anytime.
The region is beautiful and rich in natural energy.

My name is Yoshinaga. In Japan, we call people by adding "...san" at the end of their names. In other words, you can call me "Yoshinaga-san." I'm a farmer. And the religion is "Shinto". They respect nature and will eat anything. And I hope for a peaceful world. Guests are limited to those who have the heart to understand and respect each other. And I hate being a web content creator article.


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Staying at Green Home was an unforgettable experience, Yoshinaga-san is an incredible host that cares a lot about me, he is a very kind and interesting person. We had fun exploring all the rivers sides, swimming and chatting! I had the chance to go to Yasakoi and Motoyama festivals! It's hard to say everything that we did, we shared so many special experiences. Motoyama is full of nature, it's more beautiful than I expected.
I also had dinner with a local family and made some friends!
The work was easy and stress free.
It was very sad to say goodbye, Yoshinaga-san became really special to me

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Masato respondeu

Joana and our summer memories are indescribable. We respected each other and enjoyed every day like children of nature, chatting, cooperating, and sometimes discussing and resolving disagreements. It's a wonderful relationship. I think this is true cultural exchange. Of course she has common sense and is a wonderful adult. It's sad to part, but I hope we can ride the wind like dandelions and meet again someday. Overall a perfect guest.ありがとう!!



My stay was amazing. Masato is a kind and thoughtful person.
I was havesting tomato's the time I was there 3-4 hours a day, 5 days a week. I can get really hot In summer. But we had air condition and made enought breaks where we could chat.
The work is easy explained I think everybody can do this.
It's a small city surrounded by natur. There are mountains and rivers it's so beautiful. If you are a nature person you will love this place.
I could also meet some locals, we did some activities together and I am thankfull that they invited me to be with them. I felt at home so far away.

2 meses atrás

Masato respondeu

Svenja came during the high season on our farm. It was a busy day. She was never late and is a reliable guest. Outside of work, we enjoyed playing and chatting.

She has a quiet nature, but never forgets to smile brightly. In the end, our relationship became like a family. Saying goodbye made me very sad for me. If we meet again one day,...
A big recommendation to all our hosts around the world.



I spent two weeks at Yoshinaga-san's farm, during the tomato picking season. I had never done any kind of farmstay before — and I honestly couldn't have picked a better place.

Most of my work was picking tomatoes and tending to the plants, but I also had the opportunity to participate to other steps of the selling process. Yoshinaga-san was precise in his instructions, and always ready to answer my questions or tell a story.

It was a short stay, but Yoshinaga-san and Yo-san made me feel incredibly welcome. I got to meet Motoyama residents, go to Kochi, and even attend a school festival!

3 meses atrás

Masato respondeu

Two weeks with Emma. They were very happy and helpful.
Her international knowledge from her background and her study of the Japanese language were wonderful and a great inspiration to all of us at the farm.
She says she is shy, but she is very friendly and a challenger. She is also a wonderful guest she cares about others and never forgets to smile.
We highly recommend Emma.
Thank you Emma. Your friends and family are always welcome to our farm.



The working place is located in the middle of Shikoku island, surrounded by an amazing nature with mountains and rivers. After spending the most days of my journey in big cities, such as Osaka or Tokyo, this place was perfect to slow down. I really enjoyed my work. It was quite easy and I still had a lot of free time. Yoshinaga-san was so caring and kind! Whenever I needed help, he was there. He made this a very special experience, that I can recommend from all my heart to other travellers!

3 meses atrás

Masato respondeu

I was amazed at her physical strength. Darleen is someone you can entrust any task to. And she is a smart person with a high level of thinking about the environment.
On the other hand, Darleen also has a bit weak spot. So host, please stay close to her. Listen to her. And please share.
She highly recommends Darleen for hosts interested.
She is a trusted guest. I guarantee!



The best experience I could get as a first-time volunteer! I fell in love with the location, the nature of work, and my conversations with Yoshinaga-san and his amazing wife. Yoshinaga-san is an outstanding host and mentor, and I feel recharged and reinvented after this stay. The work was always exciting and meaningful and designed so that I'm well physically and mentally. It might be challenging to travel around since the connections are not so good, but Yoshinaga-san was always willing to help! Also, my Japanese has developed a lot! I'm grateful for this month and it's far beyond words!

6 meses atrás

Masato respondeu

What a lovely time we had.
I am grateful to have met her.
It was only four weeks, but we laughed and had fun.
Above all, I was happy to see her grow up.
It must have been born in her effort and slow time.
From now on, I want to watch over new dramas that are like family.

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