Shikoku-Island Wind Family Farm

This is a quiet place to live and to enjoy time slowly Hello. my name is "Yoshinaga". I speak a little English and I will try hard to communicate with you. I live in Motoyama-town in Shikoku. This is not a tourist spot. It is a small village in the countryside. I run an organic farm with my family. The main crops we grow are delicious vegetables such as tomatoes. I always think about a good lifestyle and world peace. The region has many old, historical rice terraces, and there are many mountainous environments around the beautiful river. Great views.

Hello, my name is Yoshinaga. My family is a wife and a dog. Work includes harvesting vegetables, shipping, washing vegetables, planting seedlings, removing grass, pruning, general agriculture work, and sometimes helping to sell our vegetables at local markets. Work with me in various agricultural jobs. The work is easy and safe and you will learn a lot. Work will start at 8:00 am. Lunch is provided free of charge. The afternoon is free time. The weekend is free for you to enjoy. You make breakfast and dinner. Basic food materials are provided free of charge. The volunteer house is next to my office. The Volunteer House is a small, hand-crafted room in a separate green house. There is a separate bedroom, kitchen, washing machine, hot shower, composting toilet, wood stove, WiFi and bicycles are available free of charge. You can stroll, fish, kayak and hike along the river or in the mountains. = Reason for providing Worldpacackers = Started 2020 Worldpackeres Host. The Japanese countryside is declining in population. The amount of farm land which is being abandoned is increasing. This is very problematic. I have a small project to solve this problem with my friends. We aim for harmony of economy, nature and people with your help. (Business, land regeneration, education, cooking, etc.,) We can’t accept many guests. I want to communicate slowly with you. And I want to hear your story. Also, you can have the opportunity to interact with Japanese people. Experience our culture. If you have time, we can enjoy your hobbies together! Probably this experience is impossible with a short trip. We have a friendly and relaxed approach and you will have plenty of time and energy to enjoy the surroundings. In exchange for your help we offer good service and a great experience. Let's make one page of your memories in the countryside of Shikoku. Please contact us anytime. Spring farms are beautiful and have good natural energy. Do you want a real Japanese countryside experience? Places where the risk of coronavirus is low.

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