Shines Children's Foundation

Shines Children's Foundation is Located in the heart of Masindi which is a home of very good tourist attract features see ( , Therefore apart from Volunteering with Shines Children's Foundation you will definitely experience good time while exploring the best touristic attractions just few kilometers from the foundation.

While Volunteering with us, you will have a very good cultural exchange, learn new things from the community, learn new languages, test and experience new food, new cultural dress codes, dances and parties.

We shall also welcome you in our Home and be happy staying with and we expect to learn from you about your culture.
We can't wait to Host you in Uganda- Masindi.

I am Denis Kiirya, Hold a degree in social work and social administration, I have a family with three kids and one wife who is a woman. I am the executive Director of Shines Children's Foundation for the last 6 years till now. Through my leadership, we have hosted international Volunteers for both short and Long run volunteering opportunities. While with us Volunteers have had a very wonderful time and always came back , we treat Volunteers with respect and offer them what we are meant to do, while at home in the hosts families, they stay together and they oriented on how things are done and they are also encouraged to do it. we offer free meals and accommodation. Volunteering with Shines Children Children Foundation is of a great experience but also fun.

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