Shri Timli Vedic Village

Shri Timli Vedic Village is situated in Himalayan state of Uttarakhand, India. We are working since 2013 to develop a sustainable ecosystem where we provide:

1. Free education to children of Himalayan villages.
2. Cultivate and grow organic produce to help local farmers.
3. Ayurved Wellness services to everyone using natural healing practises.
4. Dairy farm with Indigenous Badri Cow's dairy products.
5. Yoga and Meditation Centre.
6. Experience the Himalayan Vedic Village.

We have 7 locally paid staff with us who help us with agriculture, Dairy Farm, Education and Cooking. Volunteers will stay within the village with us and will participate in various activities mentioned above on daily basis. Moreover, they will be part of the family. We expect you to be INICIATIVE move your hands and feet. We don't instruct people to do things and would like to have people here who help us to realize our ideas and thoughts because we have very limited resources.

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My time volunteering at Shri Timli was a very potent and transformative experience. The village is nestled on the side of a small Himalayan mountain, and I was so pleased to be immersed in the abounding nature there. Life at the village is slow and quiet, and you may find yourself having ample time to just "be." I was very well taken care of, and as I spent a month at Timli, I found myself feeling integrated into the community there after some time. The volunteering tasks are very flexible and unstructured, and I ended up embarking on creative painting projects of my own design. Much love!

1 mês atrás



Hola me llamo Santiago, compartí 27 días con Ashish y su familia.
La experiencia fue agradable, me hicieron sentir cómodo y estaban presentes para que no me falte nada. La comunicación fue correcta, no hablo Indi y mi ingles no es avanzado pero así y todo uno pudo relacionarse con los integrantes de la familia, compartir una charla agradable con ellos.
Ashish es una persona muy agradable, con una gran energia, hemos compartido charlas muy interesantes y en lo personal me han inspirado. Tiene semillas puras que darán grandes frutos guiando y ayudando a grandes personas. SHRI TIMLI 🙏🏻💚

3 meses atrás



My experience at shri timli village , was been amazing, here’s life naturally tough because this village is located in Himalayan mountain, but here you can experience living close to nature , healthy and organic lifestyle, and Mr. Ashish and his family are very kind and they all are dedicated for education in this village , women empowerment and development of this village , his motive is turkey inspirational , it’s my honour to be part of this kind cause….

Best wishes to Mr. Ashish and his family

4 meses atrás



I volunteered in Shri Timli for around 3 weeks and I had no idea what kind of experience I will get from this place, all I had in mind was to experience a village life in mountains but turned out this place had so much more, all the people were so kind including the villagers everyone were very sweet and always smiling. I got to experience a perfect village life by spending most of my time with villagers and kids and experiencing their day to day life. Also I helped them with painting and farming somedays which was so fun, I highly recommended this place !!

5 meses atrás



I had a really great time in Shri Timli. I got to experience local life and local customs, it was interesting and I learned a lot. Apart from everyday life, we went on nearby hikes and I also got to experience community bhandara. I really like how Ashish wants to grow this place and what his vision is about the village. Very nice time altogether!

5 meses atrás

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