Shristi farm( nepal volunteer hands)

A farmer’s lifestyle is a busy and hectic one. A lot of tasks and work are done and must be completed every day to achieve their ultimate goal.

A day in the life on the farm starts very early. This is to do in order to finish tasks more quickly. Once they are ready, they prepare the tools and machinery they need for the day. If there are crop harvests to be done, they are usually done first for them to be delivered immediately while they are still freshly picked.

Hello, Namaste, My name is Shristi Sapkota Sigdel, I m married women. I m 30 years old, i have small son. I m simple women who help in farm. Managing volunteers does not require any specialist knowledge. Mainly, you need common sense and the ability to put yourself in the position of a volunteer and ask yourself how you would you like to be treated. As a result, this guide aims to give you simple guidelines and practical information so that your group can successfully manage volunteers. This guide is about managing volunteers once you have already planned for their involvement and recruited the volunteers you need. If you haven’t already planned for volunteer involvement and recruited the volunteers you need, please see our Involving Volunteers: Planning and Background guide and our Recruiting and Welcoming Volunteers guide.


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I stayed with Shristi and her family for just over a week and it was amazing. I have been to Nepal before and just love the culture but this was my first rural community experience. Shristi was communicative beforehand and I had no worries about staying with her. At their home the farm was in growing season so the work was light and we mainly weeded the land. Shristi was flexible with the work and invited me to be involved in family events, cultural activities, and general spending time together. But she also respected my need for personal space and downtime. I miss Baabu already! Stay here!!

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Shristi respondeu

Thank you so holly for your kind words..
Hope see you next and do a girls trip .. waiting that day.. babu he always remember you ..thank you so much for your country food to sharing with us. The food we loved it ..lots love you, see you



The days and the hours that I spent as a volunteer in Nepal at Srishti's farmhouse was really an excellent experience. Sristi is a very intelligent sister and her parents were so caring as well to me. Her farmhouse is situated at the heart of the village. And from the top of her farmhouse it looks awesome to view the greeneries and mountains created by GOD. By the time I was there, the host's sisters children were there on their vecation. At the same time a wonderful brother from Arjentina also was there as a volunteer. Really I enjoyed to be with them and had lot of fun with them.

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I came with open heart to be part of a family,and I found it, I feel welcome in this family,I haven't stopped laughing,I wanted to be one more and help in every possible way,I have forgotten who I am, in order to be as humble as possible and thus accept everything that people offer, the land and animals, I see happy people, a happy Earth and the experience has been very motivating on my part. Sometimes to learn, you have to forget.
Thank you, it's all part of a life change!

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