Sítio Capivari do Sul

I'm a agriculture technician and administrator. Our family (parents, sister and me) live on a small farm in the town of Capivari do Sul, near Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul capital. Here we begin the beef cattle activity with animals raised by the Rational Grazing Systen. We have cows, dogs, and a tank for fish farming. Also, a vegetable garden where we produce different types of vegetables (lettuce, cabbage, peppers, onions, green beans, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, squash, etc). There is still a small company of our family that makes meals for other companies. An industrial kitchen. We also made composting for the vegetable garden with the organic residues.

We would like to receive people who have new ideas and take the initiative to help. You will can help around the farm in different activities: Taking care of the animals; Building fences; Gardening; Planting forest seedlings; Prunings; Watering and You will be able to contribute to the routines (cleaning and organization of the premises and property in general) and Many other things more... You can training portuguese with us and we other language with you. Sharing our culture! The days are going to be rich in variety.

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