Sítio Matão

We are a family of three in a big farm in the Mantiqueira Mountains 2,5h drive from Sao Paulo. We have an organic vegetable garden we'll be needing help with from Spring on and we also aim to build an Alternative Technologies Institute offering courses in green building, agroforestry, permaculture, organic food gardening, holistic therapies, yoga, healthy cooking, etc. And for that, we need lots of nice people like you to give us a hand in many things! We have a lovely waterfall at the property and you'll enjoy going for a shower after a day's work in the tropical Spring that's arriving soon ;)

We are 2 adults and 1 child facing the challenges of starting everything from zero. We would love receiving energetic, enthusiastic, cheerful and committed folks to help us building an amazing and broad spectrum school for kids and adults focusing on sustainable technologies. We believe in a chilled atmosphere, we prefer to work together as a team to find out with what you can best help us while having fun, there are lots of things to do: building, seedling, planting, sifting organic compost, feeding the chickens, planting trees, etc.

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