Sky Garden

Hello there! I manage a new business in Luang Prabang, operating as a restaurant, bar, swimming pool and events place. My aim is to transform this venue into the best party place in town, and for that I need your help. Volunteers are the heart of this place. Previously, we had similar projects in other locations in Laos, where we hosted numerous volunteers helping us with similar tasks. We are also backpackers, therefore we wish to maintain this volunteering culture in order to promote skill exchange, experience sharing and teamwork with people from all backgrounds. We are very flexible, since we share similar interests and hardly have a set schedule for our volunteers, but overall we require your help during evenings, for most days. We are very flexible and hardly have strict schedule. However, we value mutual respect and genuine willingness to support each other. Volunteers will have plenty of time to explore the area, as their help is needed exclusively during evenings. The shiniest gems in this place are the Kuang Si and Tad Sae waterfalls, located 1-hour, respectively 20-minute drive away from town, for which we may be able to arrange discounted transportation, depending on the number of volunteers willing to visit it at the time. In the vicinity, you will be able to explore the Butterfly Farm, the Bear Sanctuary, the Mandalao Elephant Sanctuary, Pak Ou Caves etc. We also provide discounts for entry to the local swimming pool and will love to advise you on going to lesser known scenic spots in Luang Prabang. We also have friends who regularly visit local communities and villages just outside Luang Prabang if you wish to join them for learning about eco-farming, handcraftsmanship, food sourcing and foraging etc.

Accommodation is dorm-style, with WiFi 24/7, in a colourful house located 20-minute walk from the venue (we will be able to provide you bicycles for easier commute). This house is rented by our management for the purpose of accommodating volunteers and some members of the staff only. We provide two meals per day: at the house at 12PM and at the venue at 6PM. We are open to culinary suggestions in order to accommodate all types of diets. Other than that, volunteers are also free to make use of the house kitchen area for cooking their own meals. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are also provided.

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