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I'm building an Earthship inspired studio (with passive solar heating & cooling, recycling materials, etc), and need help filling gabions and grey water planter cells with rock, pounding tires, leveling, framing; cutting bottles, connecting electric & placing wires and water pipes, cleaning (common spaces - sheds, working site) woodwork, painting, caring loads of gravel, sand, stone, concrete and adobe building on a property by the Nahuel Huapi lake, in Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina Patagonia. So it's imperative to have good health, and have health and/or travel insurance. Living in half an acre by the lake with a dock. We have a paddle court (similar to tennis but with walls in the back), and a kayak for 2. You'll learn about Eco building, Earthships, and language, artistic ideas/exchange. I also practice Yoga and Acroyoga We are almost done finishing to close the half dome greenhouse, we need to sand and paint it new before placing the glassing. We are working on the 2nd level greywater planters, building a ferocement dome, filling gabions with rock, and remodeling an older house. We are mainly looking for volunteers with some previous construction experience, or at least willing to work hard, friendly, straight forward, and motivated to help with any work needed. We are also looking specifically for stone-masons, and stone carving volunteers, to continue the main staircase carved on the rock, and finish an exterior stone wall which you can see on some of the pictures of the site uploaded. Couples and/or friends traveling together must be both registered on the site, and both need to have some sort of building experience or at least enthusiasm, and should be willing to work hard while learning and sharing the experience. Also take into consideration that the minimum stay is at least one week, but since nobody knows exactly where our lives and/or trips will go as travelers, everybody obviously has to have some flexibility in the arrival and departure dates, but I want to know in advance when and how long you are planning to stay, and you must stick to what has been said, since it's hard to organize food and available spaces if not. There is space to camp on the property's native forest, and access to a bathroom and roofed/heated “quincho” area for cooking, that’s usually where we have breakfast as well. There is also (depending on availability) the option to stay in a cabin that's fully furnished. If not I have a couple of tents, mats, and sleeping bags if you don't have your own. We provide ingredients that can be used for cooking. Most the time we eat all together, and rotate so someone cooks for all, but if you have any special diet you are welcome to cook your own meals. Cleaning, cooking and helping with all that's related to community living is not considered work time, and it must be done by all. Slackers and lazy people are not welcome. We are accepting only, respectful, motivated, and happy individuals with love towards nature, recycling, interested in off-grid sustainable living, and taking responsibility for their actions, to share our space and projects with you. We are mainly looking for open minded, outgoing, respectful, hard working, enthusiastic and easy going travelers to continue with the build following our motto: work hard, play hard. Rock climbers, tightrope walkers, as well as any extreme sports enthusiast, are specially welcome, although not exclusive ;) There are many hikes close by, the closest one is cerro Campanario, we also have a sit on top kayak for two, you can fish trout from the property's shore, there is lots of camping and climbing, horseback riding in the area, as well as one of the biggest ski resorts from Latin america, not to mention some of the best craft beer and plenty of local and international food and nightlife as well. Busses pass by on the regular by the main road that's about 900 meters away. Thank you for reading, and hope to see you soon around here!

Hello volunteers, hello Worldpackers! My name is Jonathan, I consider myself a friendly world citizen; I studied fine Arts in California, Paris, Berlin, and Buenos Aires, I show some of my work at the Old Sculpin Gallery, in Edgartown, MA, in Martha's Vineyard, and in Villa General Belgrano, Cordoba; but at this moment I'm building an Earthship inspired art studio with a green-house, by the Nahuel Huapi lake in Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina, in Patagonia. I'm open minded and curious about random things that inspire me. I like learning from and sharing with people my thoughts. I like to have my own space/moments at times, and respect others peoples choices in life. I believe real connections build organically with respect and develop with time. I love traveling among other things, to experience and expand my eyes/myself in space. Always looking to grow my perception, with new experiences, perspectives, and points of view. Everything in life can become a distraction or an enhancing experience depending on your attitude, and awareness. I spend my free time actively with different hobbies. I practice Acroyoga weekly. I like spending time with my friends and going hiking. I also enjoy spending time in nature and in the yard. We have a quasi-abandoned small organic vegetable garden that needs very much lovin' and some fruit trees, so if you can, bring all the seeds/plants you can from wherever you are coming from, to contribute in growing our seed bank and adding to the landscape. I am involved in our neighborhoods' improvement work team and I'm committed in helping and improving community and our public space. As a host I will be very happy to work side by side, but you should understand this is not a construction course so you need to adapt to any situation, and stay focused, aware and motivated at all times to understand and learn about the alternative construction methods we are using, and move forward step by step. From volunteers I expect friendliness and openness to me and the rest of the crew at the time being and hopefully for many years to come if we later stay in touch through social media. I'm looking forward to meeting lots of new people, learning new things and broadening my horizons. Best regards Jonathan Follow the project on intagram: @pachaguarida


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What J provides is an amazing opportunity to learn about Earthships & sustainable living in a beautiful location. Also, he freely shares all his knowledge and was invested in helping me experience different aspects of life in Bariloche.
J expects work to be done and volunteers to be independent and proactive, so this experience would be great for so. who is interested in the project, understands the requirements, and is not simply looking for cheap accommodation.
I had a great experience, I'd definitely recommend.

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I think Jonathan is an egocentric person. Empathy is not in his vocabulary. The tasks I tried to fulfill were never good enough (whenever he checked on me, he would frequently tell me to handle the task differently from his previous explanation, giving me the feeling I was doing it wrong) and it seemed as if he expected that a volunteer's motivation should be as high as his. He is very dominant and not interested in other opinions or persons. He even ditched us on a night in town, not mentioning up front that he might not give us a ride back home, I think that is very rude. Don't go!

2 anos atrás

Jonathan respondeu

Janine, I think you were obviously more interested in a free stay in Bariloche instead of helping in our project. You are super egocentric, selfish and insulted and said awful things about latin american people, and on top of it you fought literally with all the team members at the time, so I think your evaluation shows who you are, and who's exactly not empathetic but your self.
Don't want to get into details here but since you brought it up free rides were never implied, and if you want to go into town the bus stops on the regular by the main road. If we happen to go into town because you were going to meet with your tinder match, I have no obligations whatsoever, in your free time you are free to do whatever you feel like, and me too.
Hope you learn to be more empathetic, and respect your peers!
Best of luck with the rest of your travels!
I wouldn't recommend you to others either, very sad but true, you didn't even know how to cook a meal, or do anything but fight period. Horrible experience!



Jonathan es un tipo muy copado, me encantó la idea del proyecto, el voluntariado requiere bastante esfuerzo y compromiso, pero el lugar y la buena onda es increíble!

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Jonathan respondeu

Gracias Joel por tu buena onda también! Saludos



Una muy buena experiencia, que a nivel personal me ayudó mucho, aprendí muchas tareas y además el liderazgo de Jonathan fue estupendo. Mil gracias a todos por todo! Y de nuevo gracias por las recomendaciones.

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Es una gran experiencia, el proyecto es super lindo e interesante, Jonathan es un bacan, tiene todo super bien pensado, se preocupa por que todo y todos estén bien, siempre esta dispuesto a enseñar y es muy divertido, hace algunas juntadas con sus amigos y no tiene problema en incluir a los voluntarios, son super buena onda todos, lo reciben a uno re bien. El lugar es hermoso, mucha naturaleza y tranquilidad, apenas para desconectarse de la ciudad, el trabajo suele ser en la mañana por lo que queda uno libre el resto del día. Hay una casa para los voluntarios equipada con todo lo necesario.

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