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Volunteering at Spicy Villa is a great chance to stay in northern Thai countryside, in the middle of the jungle, and learn from locals about life in the mountains.

Staff at Spicy Villa is local Thai. Everyone is very friendly and accommodating. Volunteer managers are Ploy who speaks English and French, and Tawan who speaks basic English. Make sure to follow their tasks and rules, and you will have a good time with them.

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-The place: it has a great structure for the volunteers.
-The waterfall: just nearby, we could go almost every day.
-The food: delicious and attends restricted diets.
-Free day: free activities that usually are expensive for tourists.
-Most of the staff!

-The person responsible for the volunteers: lack of communication and respect, extremely moody.
-The working hours: we started working at 7:30am (breakfast prep) and finished around 8pm (dinner cleaning). Take out 2 free hours (post-lunch and pre-dinner) and 1:30 to eat and we worked 9h/day.

4 meses atrás

Estados Unidos

I had such an amazing time at the Spicy Villa! The people were so nice and truly made it an unforgettable experience. I can’t wait to go back someday!

6 meses atrás


It was a amazing experience. The place it's really beautiful and peaceful.
Work, waterfall and happy water :)) It's really a great time :)

Tawam, Fifi, Ping pong and the cats are the bonus of this place s2 so lovely

7 meses atrás


Staying at Spicy Villa for two weeks was a great experience. The place itself is just amazing: surrounded by the beautiful mountains and I got to see the sun rising over them every day. The staff was like a family to me and I really wished I could stayed longer. I loved farming and learning how to cook traditional Thai food. I also enjoyed the trekkings, turbing and visiting elephants sanctuary during our days off. I reccommend that place to every nature-loving worldpacker! :)

10 meses atrás


Me and my partner stayed here for a week & enjoyed ourselves. It took a couple of days to get into the rhythm of things as everyone else there had a week together before we arrived. We enjoyed entertaining the guests that came by too.
It is an early start with chores before breakfast and work, but when you combine the 2 hour midday break with the 8hr work day instead of the 6hrs advertised, there is no time in the afternoon to do anything before the sun goes down. So the only actual free time is on the Sunday free day. PS Tawon is the greatest, he made being vegan in the hills easy. Thank you

10 meses atrás

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