Starseed Village

To strive towards a lifestyle that embodies creativity, balance, regeneration, integrity, respect, communication, community, civility & compassion, to the best of our ability.

All activities and interactions here are by choice. Consent is Key. All forms of consent are non-binding. You can change your mind at any time.

Harmony is paramount. Violence is not permitted. If you are fighting, other than self-defense and martial arts practices, you will be asked to leave immediately. Please be mindful of keeping your sound volume at a reasonable level in the dawnings and evenings, especially on weekdays.

Treat everyone with respect and compassion, regardless of any and all personal identifiers. Every individual’s body and beliefs are their own. This includes personal spaces and belongings. We are on a team, and it’s important to accept different perspectives and identify and work with the strengths of people, and not hold them against their weaknesses. Denigration and belittling is not okay. Do your best to support others and lift them up.

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