Sultana Home Stay

To provide volunteers with an authentic Nepali experience that includes complete cultural immersion in local communities. To developed the voluntary activities available in Nepal with the aim of enhancing existing possibilities and improving their quality. To facilitate the socioeconomic development of communities in Nepal through our carefully designed volunteer projects. To promote positive perception of Nepal through the development of cross-cultural relationship, shared experience and increased cultural awareness. Our project site is truly an exciting place to be, a place where you can really make a difference.

We as a host organization, welcomes your ideas, suggestions to build project Host families and staff will treat you as one of their family member They have great respect for any international travelers and volunteers They admire you and imitate your culture and belief People are interested to know you and your culture They will be friendlier and open to you You can be as freely as you wish Training and Field coordinator provided 24/7 field support and communication provided by our host organization and staff. We and its partner organization will assist to help and organizing, booking tickets, accommodation, sharing information & facilitating your trips, tours etc

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Trabalho social Consertar & Construir Cuidado de plantas e animais Jardinagem

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Trabalho social Ensinar idiomas

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