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We are Sunny ( originally from China) and Jeff (relocated from New York) and we now live in a small town in Oklahoma called Olustee of about 500 people. Nearby is a city called Altus with 19,000 people, stores, bars, restaurants and entertainment. You are invited to our place, either just to visit or to stay and help out. We have 4 bedrooms for travelers and helpers in our guest house available for you (can accommodate up to 10 people) and there is also a game room, swimming pool (in the summer) and basketball/volleyball court on the property. We would like help with cleaning of guest rooms, cooking, painting of walls and murals, some light construction work (very simple, you don't need to know anything), fixing bicycles for the neighborhood kids as well as maintaining the pool (in the summer). We have been doing this for about 17 years now and had guests from all over the world stay with us. We can show you around this part of Oklahoma and you are welcome to explore the area by yourself as well. Beautiful (hiking) destinations close by are for example Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refugee, Quartz Mountain State Park or Copper Breaks State Park in Texas. We have tents available if you want to go camping overnight in one of these beautiful spots.
If you don't have a car to come to Olustee we are happy to pick you up from places nearby (e.g. Lawton airport). We also host students during their school breaks from university , so depending on how long you would wanna stay with us that could possibly be arranged as well. If you have any dietary requests, we are happy to accommodate.
Come and see the heartland of America!

Here's a video one of our helpers made of our place :

We enjoy having people around, especially international ones where we can get to know different cultures. You will be treated as a friend, if not as family - you are welcome to celebrate holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas with us.


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I spent 4 weeks in olustee it was my first time travelling alone and a great experience. Jeff’s always checking in making sure you’re happy and having a good time. The work was really easy just moving things and I got the chance to paint a lot too. Would highly recommend :)

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i had a great time in olustee. jeff is such a caring and warm person; he is always willing to help. olustee is a small town, but the people I met there made it really fun (and it looks better in person than it does in the pictures).
the work you can do is really easy, and you don’t need any experience to do it. also jeff is very flexible.
iwould totally recommend it, especially for people who are trying to practice english, its a very welcoming and chill place where you can start and have an experience you will never forget

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I spend 3 months in Olustee it couldn’t imagine something better !
There is absolutely nothing to do in Olustee, but it push you to open to people, and then… you make friends that you’re gonna remember your whole life 😊
Jeff is a man with a big heart, with a lot of respect and open minded. He’s always gonna do his best to make you happy and learned after mistakes !
This was my first experience travelling I don’t regret 1 second I spend here :)

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Staying at Jeffs was my first worldpackers experience and I can totally recommend it, especially if you're on the fence about spending your first time abroad somewhere. Olustee is such a small town and not overwhelming at all, trust me;) I met so many lovely and kind people here and Jeff was one of them. Even though he can be a bit direct when it comes to work, he is so easy to talk to and has a big heart. Work is pretty laidback, with him staying true to the hours. You'll never have to work more than what you signed up for and he's just overall a nice and reliable person.

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Jeff is an amazing personality and open to everything and everyone. He is a New Yorker and 60+ years old. He has lots of stories and knows the town and it’s people

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