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Surf Club Keros, in Limnos Greece, is a glamping resort with Luxury Safari Tents that are settled right in the heart of a Natura 2000 protected ecosystem. Just a ten-minute walk to one of the best windsurfing and kitesurfing beaches in the world. It's a very good opportunity for the volunteers to get to know the very beautiful island of Limnos and try/practice the sports of kitesurf/windsurf/wingfoil/surf. Limnos is a quiet and super safe island, and our club is 40 min driving from the main town (Myrina) and 20 min driving from the airport.

Our Surf Club is an excellent environment, with employees from all over the world and everybody is very welcoming and friendly. Accommodation will be offered near the village of Kalliopi, in 2-4 person safari tents for all the volunteers and the staff. It will be at a distance of about 40 min walking or 15 min cycling. A bicycle will be provided to the volunteers for their personal transportation. Half of the distance is dirtroad (since it is a protected natural ecosystem), something that should be considered.


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We stayed in Lemnos for 3 weeks and had the time of our lives! Everyone was so welcoming and lovely. We felt so comfortable straight away. It’s a super social place with both staff and guests staying at the camp. The house is located 4km from the camp which is a bit far at night but otherwise it was great. The food is delicious. The town that the accommodation is in is really cute with nice restaurants, grocery store and a bakery. Would absolutely return and recommend to anyone wanting to do a Worldpackers. The house is very run down but was fine as we enjoyed every other aspect of the trip.

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Surf Club respondeu

Hey Alice, thank you and Mercedes again for your feedback and your help in our club.
Just wanted to let you guys know, that volunteers along with SCK staff this year will stay in a bit closer location to 2-4 person tents, hoping to make the overall experience better!



Surf Club Keros is a great place, the camp is beautiful and the beach is great, the food is great. the people there are really nice, you can meet people from all around the world. There are different tours and activities you can join, but if you want to do something by yourself you have to rent a car. The house is a 50 min walk or 20 min bike ride. The cons for me were, most of the bikes are in bad conditions, the house is not the best, the bathroom smells bad, i got two bikes stolen and they didnt really care, you have to learn everything by yourself because they dont really tell you much.

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This experience was really amazing, all the staff were incredibly attentive and friendly with us, the place and the activities were also amazing!
The house its in a beautiful village and the only issue for us was that some parts of the house and the bicycles were in a bad shape, but also you can walk

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This experience was great, the team was friendly and the island absolutely beautiful. On your free time you can enjoy the club's beach and take surf lessons. Activities such as sand boarding, trip to the city, salt lake excursion, etc. were proposed to clients and staff/volunteers could join for free. The only bad point is that the island is big and you cannot really explore it on your own without a car. The food given is very good and installations are great.

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Volunteering at Surf Club Keros was a really great experience that I definitely recommend. They respected our work hours and we had a lot of free time to do what we wanted. The food was good and we were provided 3 meals a day. It's the first time they are having volunteers so I'm sure things will change over the years. I took some windsurfing lessons and loved them, unfortunately, they're not free but the discount makes it well worth it. The biggest downside is the old accommodation and the long distance between the house and work. If that kind of thing doesn't bother you, you'll love it here!

8 meses atrás

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