Surfana Surfcamp on one of the islands of The Netherlands (Vlieland)

Vlieland is a wonderful place to work. You are surrounded by nature and a lovely group of colleagues which will guarantee a lot of beautiful memories. The surf camp is located in the dunes on a Dutch island, we have beautiful scenery, epic sunsets, seals. But most of all we are surrounded by a beautiful ocean where we love to play with. Mostly wave surfing, but also bodyboarding, swimming, supping.

We are Jan and Sophie, we’re two surfers from the Netherlands and we have worked for Surfana for many years. Surfana is a collective that looks for three things in daily life: Love, Passion and Freedom. We have a series of surf related companies such as schools and camps and we are looking for like minded people to join our team for this season, and maybe eventually, if you're the right one, become part of our family.

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