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Swanky Mint isn't just a hostel. This is a place with heart, soul, long history and the best people. What used to be and old textile-dye factory from 19th century is now vivid and unique hostel in center of Zagreb. Our modern industrial setup full of witty design solutions and playful colors are turning this place into an art gallery. What makes our hostel special and always alive is our bar where party never stops. Here you will show us your best dance moves while holding exotic cocktail in your hand. No better way to meet the locals!

Almost 20 people of Swanky family is doing their best every day to make this place your home and your stay here unforgettable experience. You will come as a guest but you will leave as a friend. Professional but fun, organised but spontaneous, responsible but caring Swanky family will welcome you with arms wide open and make you feel like at home!

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Swanky was amazing!!!! I spent wonderful times wolrdpacking in here, I met amazing people, the staff is so cool and friendly and beautiful. I learn a lot about hostel life and life in general. I will always recommend this hostel, the vibe is cool and you will have a new family for sure.
Thank you Swanky team for everything, Ill come back one day!!



This was my first worldpackers expierence and the Swanky immediately set the bar really high. The people that work in the hostel are so nice and welcoming, there are events every night so you'll never get bored, the guest are really really cool, they have an awesome pool, ... It seems like there's something addictive in the walls of the Swanky that makes that you never want to leave this place. It's also so really easy to make some real friends there in such a short time. I'll definitely come back for a visit!



Are you looking for a hostel to work and have fun, where you feel at home and everyone is like your best friends? Go to Swanky! It's just the best place ever! I would like to stay there forever! They treat you like a family, they have nice bar, nice terrace, nice kitchen, everyone is really helpful and your hours working just go so fast! But I need to advice you: once you go Swanky, you never want to leave! So prepare yourself to be really sad after saying good bye!



Swanky was not only my first experience with worldpackers, but also my first experience staying in a hostel. This is a friendly and fun environment that you will be so happy to be a part of for your short time with them. All the guests have a blast, and so do the staff and by volunteering here you get the best of both worlds. I don't know how to describe how much I love this place. There's a really amazing atmosphere all around you all the time. You have to experience Swanky to truly understand what a special place this hostel is.



I could assure that at Swanky I've lived one of the greatest experiences since I left Brazil to travel through Europe. This place will change you from the inside. With all the art and influences that you will be exposed to every day. This adventure will give you the opportunity to be a part of a big and tender family. There are no staff workers, there are only great people that share similar goals and still have fun together. And the best part, so far for me, is the difference that you make to Swanky's guests and Swanky itself. And of course, you will miss the incredible atmosphere.


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