Tanzania Education and Health opportunities

We are a registered NGO in Tanzania, fully committed to support the community, we are focused on Healthcare opportunities, Education opportunities , and Empowering the community in Tanzania. We have programs we work in the community which individual or group of volunteers can join us.

The volunteers will be immersed in the typical Tanzania atmosphere in one of the best city in this country, discovering our culture, history, traditions, and typical Tanzanian food.

We'll be visiting together the best historical places in the city, a city rich in culture, a mix of different cultures, We'll often be traveling during the weekends to the national park for safari, Zanzibar island and other nearby islands like mbudya and Bongoyo island.

We'll be happy to help in organizing these trips, also learn the Swahili language, for those interested.

We have Healthcare program / Education program (in city center/ outside the city) respectively , both works with volunteers from different countries across the globe sharing cultures, learning languages, and enjoying outdoor activities during their free time together!

What makes us so unique?

•Quality of the program.
•Safety of the country
•Volunteer Impact
•Support pre departure and in country

Karibu sana Tanzania 🇹🇿(Welcome so much Tanzania)

As the local NGO, our current team is local citizens, we would like to partner with any NGO or person who can work with us to accomplish the missions in the communities. Feel free to contact us.

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Such a great experience! The host family was very welcoming and helpful, Suzi made me feel at home from the first day. Working in hospital was very helpful: I had the opportunity to know a different healthcare system, learn a lot about the Tanzanian one and share my knowledge with the operators, who were all very kind with me. All the people of THO was very friendly: they picked me up from the airport and answer me about all questions or information, before, during and after my stay.
Weekend are free and all the volunteers have the opportunity to discover the beauty of Tanzania.

8 horas atrás



Pra mim, foi uma transformação profunda. Retorno com a alma renovada.
Testemunhei a resiliência, a alegria contagiante e a sede por conhecimento que iluminam os sorrisos das crianças. Agradeço a hospitalidade calorosa e a generosidade que recebi. As amizades formadas durante a missão serão para sempre um tesouro em meu coração.
Gratidão eterna a todos que tornaram essa experiência possível. Espero retornar, muito em breve.

I love you Tanzânia e Samaritan Day Care!

3 dias atrás



The three weeks I spent volunteering at Mwananyamala hospital were an unforgettable experience. The entire hospital team was very friendly and receptive and the feeling of helping people who really need it was worth it. The social and economic differences with the reality I’m used to were a shock at first, but it opened my mind to a world beyond my everyday life.
My host was incredible, very hospitable and welcoming. She incorporated me into the family routine as if I were really part of it.
And the flexibility of the program allowed me to visit many tourist places.

10 dias atrás



The four weeks I spent in Chamazi were better than I could‘ve ever imagined! Living the local life, getting to help at the school, playing with the children and meeting so many incredible people while being welcomed by everyone! I‘m so thankful for everything I got to experience and would recommend it to everyone!
Asante sana💛

1 mês atrás



I would like to thank Tanzania health opportunities for giving me the chance to live this experience as a volunteer nurse here in Tanzania. I have been able to see how healthcare works up close, I have worked side by side with its professionals and I have felt part of the team. I have tried to help as much as possible and share my knowledges. Being able to live close to their culture and traditions has been great. I have had an incredible personal and professional experience, which has filled my heart.

2 meses atrás

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