Teach me Italian/French and discover Colombia's "paisa" region :)

Manizales is a lovely city built in the Andes Mountains. We have no seasons so the temperature is always perfect (around 20ºC / 68 F). It's a medium size city and there's a lot of diverse things to do. The hot springs are like 40 minutes away from my house (as well as a river I love to go to). And there's also food to try. So the odds of having a good time while you teach me italian or french are pretty high :)

I live with my mom and sometimes my sister comes to visit us but that's not very usual. We have 2 empty rooms so that wouldn't be a problem for you anyways. My mom's boyfriend is usually around and he's super nice too. At home I'm usually working on my oil or graphite pieces and eventually practicing some music, so I guess I could teach you some stuff if you're into it.

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