Tek Tataja

A project to organize an organic farm is in a startup. A way to preserve its tradition, culture and continuity by following early steps in this type of culture.
Our philosophy is to connect power with each other so that the earth evolves in parallel with us.
A way to inspire young people in local community life by joining biological life and joining power in its production, to preserve human values and respect for the earth.
"Tek Tataja" is the nickname of the grandmother who lived in this house all her life, as a sign of sacrifice for the preservation of heritage and the value of the land, it got her name.
The farm has an extension of 1.5 ha. The orchard is considered as the base of production, olives and olive oil. There are also different types of fruits such as figs, grapes, pomegranates, pears, plums, apricots, apples, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, quinces, dates, mulberries, medlars, oranges, mandarins, lemons, berries, flowers, spices and various vegetables.
The accrual project is the creation of a fruit and vegetable garden. The natural growth methodology will be applied according to the climatic conditions.
The ongoing processes are grass harvesting, soil preparation, tillage, curing and fertilizing, planting seedlings in the soil, preparing the ground for organic waste composting, maintenance service.
Locality Vasjar village, Tepelenë, Albania, altitude 300 meters above sea level. With a magical view of the national park of the Vjosë river, surrounded by Këndrevica mountain and Shendelli mountain. The construction of the house dates back to 1945, it consists of two rooms separated by a corridor that leads to the kitchen and toilet, one of the rooms has a special artisan mosaic in the work of the floor and ceiling with wooden materials. It is positioned on top of the hill surrounded by its plots with various fruits and vegetable gardens. The terrain is hilly and mountainous, suitable for hiking, yoga, meditation, inspiration, biking.
Are welcome all energetic, inspired people who love nature, the earth, healthy living in the community with organic foods, who share, learn and contribute to experiences.

I am a visionary for the earth, the environment and the community, this inspires me in new initiatives. Graduate in Geological Engineering. I have about 10 years of experience in service, tourism and hospitality. Two years ago I have experimented with planting organically in sand in difficult climatic conditions and life is going on. Art, music, sports, hiking, the beach, sailing, traveling and planting are my passions. I like community life, sharing, teaching, learning new things and DIY. We will have the opportunity to get dirty our hands in earth and feel the energy that spreads to our souls, while to clean the mind we will organize a trip. The staff consists of foreign volunteers. Feel free and flexible to communicate about anything.


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Vendim is a great host. Unfortunately I only spent a few days due to family emergency but in those few days I felt accepted and connected to nature. I would definitely recommend Vendim house because you experience a different spell that albania provides.

11 meses atrás

tek respondeu

Vladimir is a hard worker, with a spirit of creativity, motivated and inspired. His skills and energy helped me a lot in my project. We made the composting box and planted bamboo. Unfortunately his stay was short due to a family emergency, but I will classify it as one of the best experiences. Thank you for your contribution and for being a part of the project Tek Tataja.



It was very unique experience. Vendim is very good host, very forgivable. You can really see albanian culture, and connect with nature at his garden.

1 ano atrás



Vandim is a very nice and Humble human being ,always polite and respectful, i really have a good time in his place, he is way new in worldpackers so is learning about how this works but for sure i recomend to volunteer in his place and make a enviromental impact,the nature there, is awesome.
thank you Vandim for all your hospitality man, and best wishes for all your goals in life.

1 ano atrás

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