Tenerife Horse Rescue

here at tenerife horse rescue we become a big family, many of our volunteers have been here over a year already with no plans to leave. We all look out for each other, share ideas and grow together. Its a real experience here, everything is built from nothing, recycled and from the bin. There are all types of animals and they are everywhere, the location is in a beautiful quiet part of a great island with all year perfect weather.

Expect to be treated like you are already one of us, our home is your home. As long as you are respectful of the community and pull your weight we are like a big family, some new members and some long term. We provide everything we can, all food, access to bikes, horse riding, snorkels etc. We also provide loads of free clothes and stuff. We get so many donations to provide to our volunteers. You must love animals and sustainable living to really enjoy this place, we are about great team work, great conversation, great company. We are not a party place.


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I volunteered at Tenerife horse rescue for the last month. It was an incredible experience. I was on the social media team, creating content for the Instagram. Very fun job with a lot of flexibility. Great energy between all us office girls, very supportive. I learned a lot from them & the other creators throughout my time here. I think it's important to be Internally motivated and have initiative as a lot of the time as there wasn't much guidance from management here. I had my tasks and I was trusted to get them done. Was a little daunting at first but good learning experience.

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What an amazing place, what they are doing here is awesome and unbelievable. Giving a home to abandoned animals, giving them love and a second chance to have a dignified life. I had such an incredible time there, met friends, got healthier mentally and physically, learned a lot about sustainability, and definitely, found there a better version of myself. The place is perfect for reconnecting with nature and reminding you what really matters in life.

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It was my first experience volunteering outside my country and traveling alone. I was looking for a place that would make me connect with animals, nature and environmental awareness. The farm was that and more. A home away from home without a doubt. A beautiful human group, with people totally predisposed to help you and accompany you. Without a doubt, it was a unique and beautiful experience. I take a lot of learning and always wanting to be part of the farm again. Thank you farm family💕🐷🐴🐱🐶

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Nicole you were our first volunteer through this app ( 250+ through others) But you were a perfect first person for us to, thank you for being patient as we figured it out together. You are for sure welcome again any time. You will be missed, especially by the small animal team! thank you and you will always be part of the finca family x

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