Teparo native community

Travelers that come stay with us will be welcomed into our community and share with Matsigenka first nation people. They will be eating fresh food from one of the cleanest rivers in the área and learn about medicinal plants of the Amazon, specifically from our región.

We are friendly culture, in our tradition visitors are a blessing and since living in the jungle means we live more isolated than most people we valué sharing experiences from one culture to another. Our story: We are a human group made up of different cities around the world and native Matsigenka communities. We unite in order to learn, know and practice the values ​​that were applied even before the Incas and colonization. We hope to transmit to the next generations of Matsigenka and people from outside, balanced and healthy customs and ways of life, medicinal plants, songs and creation stories and culture. We invite you to learn with us. During your stay will be provided a tent with a mattress. We will provide blankets, mattress and the tent. The tent will be set up on a lodge, which consists of an elévated wooden floor, and roof!

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