That Crazy Hostel Goa

Travellers who bunk with us get to experience Goa as a local and a newcomer at the same time. They get integrated into our little family as we cook, sleep, eat and have fun together. We create memories, share stories, help each other build new experiences.

Welcome to the inverted world, the upside down, the thin line between chaos and tranquility. Welcome to waking reveries, spontaneous adventures and constellations of electrifying human encounters that turn an experience on its head. Located in an unblemished part of North Goa, we have created a space where the best and unlikeliest parts of the human imagination come together. On one hand, we have an outdoor bar made entirely from waste material. On the other, we have luxury services like a pool and laundry at backpacker prices. On one hand,we have a refrigerator that opens into a state of the art library, on the other hand we have a recycled car doors opening gate to the DRUNK YARD (Yes its our bar, we just love to get drunk and dance on the bar table). Our dorms are large refurbished Portuguese villas with luggage areas that hold the old charm of Goa's history as well as the new look given by our travelling artists. Created from contradictions, the purpose of this space is to envelop each traveler in the warm, fuzzy feeling of home and the madness of adventure all at once. Come join us as we defy the ordinary and come alive in a space made for those who want to have it all!

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