The Cozyness Hostel

Spending time in a hostel will definitely broaden your mind about different nationalities and cultures. There is a large influx of people, so it's never boring. The goal is to ensure that you have at least 3 weeks here you will never forget. You will definitely be part of the Cozy family. We are fun loving people here and will help you with whatever needs you have. While here you can learn a lot about Bucharest and what makes the city so special.

Hi, my name is Dan and I came to work at the Hostel as a volunteer myself back in early April and fell in love so much that within six months I had bought the hostel. The hostel is going through a bit of a transformation currently as we have reduced the number of beds, are putting in a café, and shifting the overall vibe of the hostel from strictly budget, to budget/boutique with a strong artistic feel. We are a small hostel with only 22 beds, located in a residential area, not far from the center. We currently have three hostel cats, but knowing myself there is a pretty decent chance that number will grow. The atmosphere we look to maintain within our hostel is a feeling of being home while on the road, and hanging out with old friends that you just met. If this all sounds appealing to you, then please apply.

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